Nov 28, 2011

112911 TUESDAY


21 x OHS (95/65)
42 x Pull-ups
15 x OHS (95/65)
30 x Pull-ups
9 x OHS (95/65)
18 x Pullups

SSG Joshua Hager, United States Army, was killed Thursday February 22 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq. Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to Josh's friends and family. Fair Winds, Josh.

If you are part of the IMCF games then this is Seeding WOD #1. Remember, seeding WOD's don't count towards your two person team score, they let IMCF design the teams and appropriate scales for them. The following applies to your conduct of this WOD.

1. You must have a L1 trainer judge you against the following movement standards (also described in the video below):

Overhead squat:
This is a standard overhead squat. The barbell must be kept overhead with the arms locked. At the bottom, the crease of the hips must pass below the height of the knee cap. At the top, the knees and hips must be completely open with the barbell over heels. The judges will be particularly strict about ensuring the hip becomes fully open at the top.

These are standard pull-ups. Full extension of the arms at the bottom, chin over the height of bar at the top. Any grip on the bar and any type of kipping are allowed.

2.You need to decide how to scale this WOD for yourself, plan on doing it in between 5 and 15 minutes.

3. Please post your time, including scale (weight/bands/numbers), and name of your judge to comments.


Julie said...

I am for tomorrow, but can someone be there to judge me? I can start WOD at 530am. I will warmup before that time. Thanks!

Brian S said...

Wow go big or go home on the first workout! I'll be in early to help judge.

Kay said...

Several people have asked about the IMCF sweatshirts. I will check with the USDB store tomorrow and will post an update.

james said...

Julie - I am judging Greg M at 0530, I can get to you when he is done say 0550 or if that is too late we can go super early 0510.

For all athletes remember you need to scale by weight or numbers so you can do this in 5 - 15 minutes.

Julie said...

I can go early. I will be there in time to be ready at 510. Thanks James!

Noah said...

I will be in the bubble from 0730-0900 tomorrow morning if anyone needs a judge. I too could use some reciprocal judging in return if anyone is around at that time.

Alex E. said...

Okay so here is the list James and I are tracking for the games. If I missed a name please let me know. If you are wondering if Dan is you Dan Kent. I am using the name you post under on the blog.

Greg M.
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith's Ladies
Brian S.
Roger W.
Amy J.
Derek P.
Dan - Voted most likely to jump other higher ranked and more deserving teams into the finale (Go Blue)
Adam "Big Helper" - Best blog name
Erin A.
Greg E.
AF Steve
John T.
J. Gibson
Rich M.
Lance - For everything up to Fri
Noah - Ditto Lance
Arod - Ditto Noah

Any questions please let me know. As of right now we have 15 teams. Meghan I still need to know who your ladies are.

Good Luck to everyone.

Mike said...

I'm TDY next week so I can't do the Games, but I'll be in the bubble 0515-0600 tomorrow to judge if someone needs it.

Alex - Darin is also doing the Games with Erin.

Jimmy S. said...

I'm in.

Jimmy S.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Scaled OHS @ 85lb

No LVI to judge (we do have 2x LVIs in Bn, but they are both in companies). Used Med Ball to measure OHS. Not 100% chin over bar on all PUs, but still good WOD.

Soraya said...

If anyone needs a L1 this afternoon, John and I will be doing the WOD sometime around 3:45 or 4 today.

Julie said...

James "supervised" me. :) I did 9:24
with green bands and 33.5 bar. Thanks for coming in early James.

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

Scaled OHS to 75
Did almost the first full set of pullups without assistance, ended up doing jumping pullups.


Greg E said...

Great WOD. My forearms are burning.
I completed in 10:26, with Brian watching.

Brian completed in 8:53, with me watching.

We both scaled the OHS @75 #'s.
PU's RX'd

Roger W. said...

OHS @ 65lbs
Pull-ups RX

Judge was April

April said...

April: 10:25 55#/red band scaled pullups to 21-15-9

Jeff: 13:48 15# PU as RXed (Meg/April)

Greg M said...


PU as Rx'd

21 x as RX'd
1 x as Rx'd/14 @85lbs
9 @ 85lbs


Ed said...


OHS: first 10 @ 95 lbs
rest @ 75 lbs

PU: Rx'd

LvI: Dan

Matt said...

Matt James
OHS: Scaled to 65#
Pull-Ups: Rx'd
Time: 8:18
L1: Wade Henning

Brian S said...

As Greg E. Mentioned above 8:53 with OHS scaled to 75# PUs were rx. Great way to start this event although I was cursing Alex's name loudly before the workout.

james said...

Not for the games so not judged. 7.09 rxed.

Jess said...

10:57 for me this morning. Scaled OHS to 35# and green band for PU, eventually had to do jumping P with the bands to finish

Jess said...

i believe my judge was mike? Erin is that correct?

Bridget said...

Alex scored & timed me:


Scaled OHS to 45: 21-15-9 (I did some extra work on these, need to get my @#$ down... thank you Alex)

Green band 28-20-12

Wade said...

8:39 as Rx'd.

Matt James watched me.

Scott said...

14:59. Scaled OHS to 65#. Starting to feel better with these, probabaly could have gone higher. Boy that was alot of Pull ups. Seemed like I spent most of my time waiting to recover to do them. Just made it under 15 min though

Rich M. said...

8:31 scaled OHS to 75lbs, PUs RXd. Ed was my grader. Can you confirm time Ed?

Tiffany said...

Alex E. - could you shoot me an email with your phone #, I need to talk to you. Thanks.

Kay said...

8:01 scaled with 63# OHS and dead-hang pullups of 15-9-9. I haven't done kipping pullups for about 2 months, and when I did just 2 for the warm-up, I felt a strain in my shoulder. The kipping puts more stress on the shoulders than I realized, so the lesson is to mix up the type of pullups. Thanks for the squatting tips, James!

Kay said...

James was my grader.

Lance said...

9:48 with OHS scaled to 75#. Alex graded my WOD. Great way to start the comp with my biggest goat.

Mac said...

8:54, as Rx'd, scored by Alex.

Been a while since we did that many pullups...I hope I'm not the only one that having trouble touching my face this morning.

Ed said...

Rich, 8:31 is right for your time.

Dan said...

Alex graded me.

Scaled to 75#.


Noah said...

Epic fail for me today. No Lvl 1 in the gym same time as me today, went ahead anyway just for the experience and then the Clock Gone Bad went bad so Ross and I had no time to record anyhow. Somehwere around 12 mins at 85#, will try again before the deadline.

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

I should have mentioned, Big Mike was my grader.

Ross said...

I scaled the OHS to #75, why, because I suck at OHS... As Noah mentioned we had clock issues, so time is a rough guess around 13 mins for me..

monroe said...

I'm in, will likely do this in the PM

Tiffany said...


OHS @ 35# for 21, 15 and 9
PU - 21 (blue band) 21 (green band) and green band for the next two sets of 30 and 18.


Brian S. was my LV1. Thanks for the push this morning.

Erin Anderson said...

10:29 35# ohs went well, but I was a disaster on the pu. 15 kipping then box,blue&red bands for rest. Lost focus & stopped too much. Yes, Jess, Mike was the judge! And great job Jess on staying on the bar!

Brian S said...

Tiffany if I remember right you used the red band for the first group of 21 pull ups. Don't sell yourself short. Good work this morning.

Tiffany said...

Oh shoot, you are right Brian. Thanks for picking up on forearms are reminding me now.

Alex, in case it matters I need to revise the PU portion of my previous post to the following:

PU: 21 (red band) 21 (blue band) for the first set, 30 (blue band) and 18 (green band)

Davis Family said...

Alex, please add Susi to your list. Are we still on for 8:30 tomorrow?

Kay said...

IMCF Sweatshirts are in! I will bring them in the mornings with me when I WOD (between 0530-0630). Let me know if you need me to bring them in the afternoon. I will also deliver to your mailbox right outside your staff group; just send me an email or post on the blog which staff group and your full name so I can find you.

I still need payment from James D and Chuck B; if you've already paid and my records are wrong, please let me know. Thank you!

Dan said...

Jay says he's in.

I graded him this afternoon.

He scaled OHS to 75#, did 20ish pull ups before finishing his first set w/ the blue band. Used green band on the next two sets.


Meghan Smith said...

13:42 with April/Jeff watching. Scaled OHS to 55#, did Rx pullups, but scaled to 21-15-9.

Alex, I'll know tomorrow for sure which of my group is "officially in."

Soraya said...

Okay, just got home from the hell-like master logistician exam, which took the whole 4 hours. Needless to say, not going to be fitting in "Josh" tonight... will have to make up in the morning.

Alex E. said...

Soraya -

I feel like we should treat that is your WOD. That sounds significantly more brutal than "Josh".

Amy said...

9:09 Rx'd
Certified by level 1 trainer Matt

Jimmy S. said...

12:57 @ 75 lb OHS, PU rx'd

Lvl 1- Stewart

Air Force Steve said...

5:06 Rx'ed

Kevin McDonald was my witness

He did the workout also, says he is "in like Flynn" and will be posting his time and scaling right Go.

Erin Anderson said...

Darin did 7:42. Scaled to 15# bar, blue band pu. Reps scaled to 16, 31, 11, 22, 6, 12.

Alex E. said...


Did we tell you that you are not allowed to use the F22 during your workout? It is just an unfair advantage.

james said...

Yeah Darin!!! way to go

Chris C. said...

As RXd


Did the WOD before I realized the competition was going on this morning so no grader.

james said...

no worries Chris - we can get you on the board.

james said...

Susi here, my time was 8:53 and I scaled OHS @35lbs, 42 PU's on blue band and the rest on green. Alex judged, thanks Alex.

Meg Smith said...

Alex, here is my morning group. I need to talk with you and James regarding next week. Since we meet M/W/F, I can't ask them to do a double on Friday. Also, I need to know how many families are looking for childcare during the WOD on Friday. Our lady is willing to adjust her work schedule to support if it's a decent # of kids.

Michelle: 35#, blue band, all reps 11:20
Yolanda: 35#, green band, all reps 9:57
Michele: 25#, green band, 21/15/9 of both 6:36
Jacque: 15#, jump pullups, 21/15/9 of both 6:25
Jill: 35#, green band, all reps 13:24
Stacy: 35#, red band, all reps 11:40
Laura: 45#, 30/20/18 pullups (might have a few red band, I'll verify) 9:43

Karin said...

Time was 8:19. I scaled OHS @ 35#. Did 28-20-12 PU, 20 blue band, rest green band. Alex was the judge.

Amber said...

Did this WOD this morning with Meg as the judge

25#, green band, 21/15/9 of both 8:39