Nov 22, 2011


We will have a coaching clinic at 0615 taught by Mark Monroe "the Godfather". If you have not had the opportunity to learn from Mark this is an excellent chance. Mark is our most experienced trainer and spending time with him will definitely make you better. This clinic is to help prepare for our next Foundations on Dec 3.

Here is today's mobility segment dealing with Front Rack issues. Enjoy!!


3 x rounds for time

15 x Front Squat 135/95
30 x Double Unders (90 Singles)
10 x Turkish Get ups 53/36 (5 each hand)
400M Run


Mike said...

So I was explaining the '42 pound head' lesson to Erin from K-Star. When I said the average human weighs 12 pounds Erin interjected, "Well I think YOUR head is probably a lot more than 12 pounds." Only a wife can really dish it out like that.

Derek P said...

Greg, et. al., if anyone found a black/silver watch in the gym this morning (Tuesday), I think I left mine IVO the whiteboard. I'll be back in the gym Monday. Enjoying C Springs for this weekend.

Tiffany said...

Hey Meg, if you see this message please give me a call. I'm in olympia and I can't find the crossfit finish first gym. I'm about to throw my gps out the window in this beautiful rainy weather...719-650-2440

monroe said...

I set your watch on the storage shelves by the front desk.

Amber said...

23:53. Scaled as follows: Front squat 45lbs, single unders, KB for 1st round then 10lb dumbbell for last two rounds for TGUs.

Very sparse crowd this morning! Welcome to Liz, crossfit newbie and I'm thinking soon to be addict. :)

Meg Smith said...

Pretty empty this morning! Scaled the squats and Get Ups...Felt more turkey than turkish with Rx. 24:15 with only a few whips marks from the rope. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Noah said...

Felt sluggish today, maybe my body is just prepping for football watching and carb consuming tomorrow. 17:51 with FS scaled to 115 and get ups replaced with 20 wall ball situps.

Go Packers, beat the Lions.

Jess said...

Felt very slow and weak this morning with a time of 31:25
Scaled FS to 65#, Singles and tried TGU as RXd but had to drop to 10# DB for 2nd round and 5# DB for 3rd in order to maintain form
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Stay safe!

John T. said...

Ok, that was more like a Turkish fall-down for me than a Turkish get-up. That was a smoker even scaled way back for my little wimpy arms. Thanks to Brian S. for helping me out by "getting me the girl weight."

Greg M said...

SAMS PT this morning....played James Seminar to a draw in Ultimate Football.

Going to do this WOD later today.

Brian S said...

Wow this was a tough one this morning. I thought the long pole was going to be the DUs or the squat for me, but the Turkish get ups really kicked my butt, I think because we rarely do them. My first rd I did Rx for the squats and scaled to 35 lbs for the TGUs. Mid second rd I had to scale again to 115 for squat and 20 lbs for the TGUs. Humbling. The good news was my DUs were pretty good this morning. All told time was 21:57. Just a note the class this morning from the "godfather" was really good, I think the important part I took away was to focus on one thing at a time when coaching, always start with getting the hips open and shoulders and that can fix lots of other problems (weight in heels, chest up, etc) and squeeze the butt! John don't sweat the small weights, no egos, you looked good on form once the right weight was in hand. Thanks to Alex for passing on some tips from the Mob WOD for those of us that missed it. I think the T-giving rest will be good for the joints, hope everyone enjoys the holiday.

Tiffany said...

Hello from WA. I did a different WOD with crossfit finish first in olympia, and yes I finally found it thanks to meg.

30 snatches in 14:56 and I only managed to fall down 3 or 4 times. This one was hard for me, I was doing more muscling up than snatching and I woud break. I missed working out at the bubble with you all, but my temporary home is great.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Mac said...

Scaled the getups to 35 lbs, but otherwise as rx'd, and spent about 30-45 seconds waiting for the bar...although I think I probably would have been weak and rested for that long anyway, so that's a wash.

Dan said...

Three straight days of weighted squats has given me lots of opportunity use my new mobility skills...

Scaled to 6 FS @135 to work on strength, used a 20# KB for TGUs. DUs and TGUs kicked my butt.


Mike said...

Thanks to the Godfather for the coaching clinic.

Tough workout - I should have scaled the TGU to less than 35 lbs.

My DU were better in warm up, but struggled after the FS so I went to singles.

Happy Thanksgiving and make sure you're maintaining mid-line stabilization while eating turkey and watching football.

Scott said...

20:28. Turkish Get ups are humbling.

- I did 115 pound Front Squat
- 90 Single rope
- Used 35# plates for Turkish get ups since I am not allowed to move DB from the free wieght room to the Cardio room here at G4 [Silly me]
- Run on treadmill. Again no face plants, so I am happy even thought it takes forever for the belt to start going. I needed the rest anyway :)

Scott said...

20:28. Turkish Get ups are humbling.

- I did 115 pound Front Squat
- 90 Single rope
- Used 35# plates for Turkish get ups since I am not allowed to move DB from the free wieght room to the Cardio room here at G4 [Silly me]
- Run on treadmill. Again no face plants, so I am happy even thought it takes forever for the belt to start going. I needed the rest anyway :)

Erin Anderson said...

24:50. 65# squat, 20# kettle ball that left arm was tough!
Tiff, I bet you had a good workout after driving through the rain to find the gym!

Soraya said...

Yes, this morning's workout was a test of all my new mobility cues: torque on front squats and Turkish getups, getting organized before every exercise, and no DB shoulders when you are tired during the run.

24:40. Started with 75 front squats, moved to 65 to focus on form. Scaled TGUs to 15 lbs.

Happy Thanksgiving, IMCF

Amy said...
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Bridget said...

I made Megs BAM's class and was SMOKED! I needed water and less clothing, I was sucking on my breathing today, but a GREAT workout those BAM are pretty motivating & awesome ladies!

BEAR is more than a name.. thank you Meg for helping me w/ my form..
BEAR 1-4 #65, 4-8 #55, 8-1 #45
Burpees 1-8 and back down
Pull-up: 1-8 and back down

Happy Thanksgiving IMCF!

james said...

I mobwodded and did some squat snatches and then went and played Greg's seminar at ultimate football - it was a good opportunity to work on my zen. Good stories on the blog this morning.

Alex E. said...

19:18. Scaled the front squats to 115 in order to all three sets unbroken. The double unders were more single than double. One day I'll learn to put them together. The TGUs were at 20lbs since it was my first time doing them. But the run was as I have that going for me which is nice....

Fun times this morning with the "Godfather". Definitely learned a lot from the master.

Jimmy S. said...

20:37; scaled to FS:115, mix of DU/SU, TGU:20, 400m

getting up is much easier than getting back down. Kept losing balance at 35 so dropped to 20.

Greg M said...

19:16 135 FS, 1st round DUs/ 2 & 3 round SUs, 36lb TGUs. Did this one at the house before we hit the road for Towanda, KS for Thanksgiving. Great WOD!!

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone.

Is Amy even human? She probably had her kids on her hip while doing the TGUs. Great time Amy!!

Arod said...

i am in Atlanta so i had to do some subbing to get my WOD together, luckily i packed my jump rope. I used my handy dandy Off site WOD App for a warm up routine, then I did 20 Airsquats in place of front squats, 100 singles (had a few DUs in there), 20 CFS in place of TGUs and ran around my hotel complex as my 400 m run..4 RFT - 19:38

Happy thanksgiving everyone,

April said...

I also played with Megs BAMs today.
BEARs (65#)
Pull ups
Box jumps

65# is my current strict press load and I decided go solidly as far as I could instead of scaling weight. I didn't think I'd get much from my cleans and squats if I scaled too far. Now, on to yoga and spending the rest of the night rolling around on my lax ball.

Jay Luck said...

Offsite WOD thanks to Dan
20 squats
20 situps
20 pushups
Rds for time 15min smoker
15 pushups short of 6 rounds

Derek P said...

Thanks Monroe, I'll grab it Monday.

Amy said...

Greg, you may notice that my comment was deleted as soon as I realized that I neglected to do all three 400m runs. So... I guess that proves I am human. Plus I am drinking beer right now and humans drink beer.