Nov 21, 2011

112211 TUESDAY

This mobility WOD is about how to prep yourself to open your hips. Enjoy!


Tabatas 20 secs on/ 10 secs off x 8 for each exercise

Time Priority WOD (16 min)

Post lowest score per exercise
KB Snatch 36lbs/20lbs
Row/10m shuttles/DUs - pick one and kill it. Goal is to have high intensity throughout.
Box Jump 24in/20in
Wall Ball 20lb/10lb

Scale exercise to complete entire Tabata

Looking for mono structural for the Row so any mono structural exercised can be sub'd


Noah said...

Are the prescribed snatch options 53 and 35?

Greg M said...

Noah - Yes

james said...

I posit that 53 is going to be heavyyyyyyy....35 might be a better start point for a high rep activity. Its only an idea - we will work it out in the morning.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


DB snatch @ 40lbs = 8
Power clean @ 75lbs = 6
Box Jump @ 24" = 7
Wallball @ 18lbs = 8

Subbed the power cleans for the row and a DB for the KB

james said...

KB #35 all rounds/all exercises were an 8

FYI the bubble is closed Thurs and open 8am - 6pm on Friday

Ed said...

KB Snatch @ 35: 5
DU (rounds 1-4): 5
Singles (rounds 5-8): 25
Box Jump: 11
Wall Ball: 9

DU were more fumbling with rope than working, so I switched to singles for the latter rounds.

Mike said...

Great workout for my first Rx'd WOD since hurting my shoulder. It's not 100% yet, but on its way.

Darin learned Tabata SOUNDS easy when it's explained but reality is very different.

Greg M said...

Box Jump: 6
Wall Ball: 8
10m Shuttle: 4
KB Snatch: 6

Thanks for helping on my form with the Snatch Meg, I was cheating and you fixed me.

Remember Coaching clinic tomorrow at 0615 - 0700

Erin Anderson said...

I liked this workout. I focused on counting the 8 sets, I didn't think it was realistic to count reps too but I see everyone else managed to.

Alex E. said...

KB Snatch - 6 after Meg's coaching
Rowing - 1:48 on slowest 20 second pull
Box Jumps - 7
Wall Ball - 8

Thanks for the help this morning Meg. I really had no clue about the KB Snatch.

Mac said...

row - 100m
box jump - 12
wallball - 9
pushups - 10

Wasn't sure what to do for the rower, so did it like a normal tabata sequence, hence the 100m score. Also, did pushups instead of KB snatches. KB Snatch form was simply non-existent - I was either going to hurt myself or be so far from correct form I'd be doing a different I did a different exercise.

Happy Turkey Day!

Brian S said...

KB snatch @ 35lbs: 9
Double Unders: 8
Box Jump @ 24in: 8
Wallball @ 20lbs: 8

Double unders ate my lunch as usual, but it was good to get some more work on them. Anyone know the hours for the bubble over the holiday? I'm guessing they are closed thursday, but open tomorrow and Friday?

james said...

Brian S. The bubble is closed Thurs and open 8am - 6pm on Friday.

Erin - I tend to take the number in my first round then drop one or two reps and then use that number as my target. It helps me stay with the suffering and I know if I make the the target or not which is my counting.

Mac said...

With regards to erin's and james' comments, the tabata counting debate seems to take place whenever these come up, and generally focuses on two options: blow yourself out on every round and let the results take care of themselves, or wargame your reps to shoot for a high score.

My guess is that Dr. Tabata identified maximum gains through utilizing the first technique. Do as many reps as possible every single round; blow it out. What we all end up doing when we use this as a WOD is to only do as many reps as you think you can maintain, and don't go further or you won't be able to continue to hit that number for eight rounds. So the question becomes one that we should always be asking...what do you want to get out of this WOD? If you're competing with yourself or others, maybe you're going to pace yourslef. If you want maximum long-term gains, perhaps you focus more on just pushing your limit than on obtaining some score (which is tough to reproduce in the future, and therefore demonstrate improvement). Tough balance.

Dan said...

KB @ 35: 5
Row (cal): 5
BJ: 6
WBS: 4

And I cheated - missed a turn 30 sec - before rows and WBs; totally time 17:00.

More weak sauce...

Jimmy S. said...


Now leaving bubble with shaking arms and legs

Jess said...

Box Jump: 8
Wall Ball: 6
10m Shuttle: 3
KB (15lbs) Snatch: 8

This was not as easy as I thought it would be! I almost met Pukie while doing the box jumps! Thanks to whoever it was that came over and helped me correct my form on the wall ball! I felt those much more after the corrrections!

james said...

Good point Mac - my particular weakness is maintaining intensity - so the second technique gets at that particular problem.

April said...

KB: 7 (20#)
Row: 4 (calories)
Box jump: 6
WB: 7. (10#)

I may be a scientist, but I can't count well in oxygen deprived states, I use scratch paper a lot. If you set up a "worksheet" beforehand, all you have to do is record reps/time/weight and it doesn't take too much time.

Soraya said...

Awesome workout.

Kb @ 20: 6
10m run: 4
Box @ 20: 6
WB @ 10: 8

Brian S said...

I blow it out on the first set and use that as my target. Inevitably as I lose reps that becomes my new target. If I'm maintaining intensity it kind of works like a countdown. I may get a random extra Rep in but I keep that lowest number locked in my head and dump the rest.

Scott said...

A little altering here b/c of equip, so I did:

DB #35 Swing = 8
Single Rope = 40
Bench Jump (about 24") = 8
Thurster #45 bar = 8

Great WOD. I didn't know if I was supposed to use two DM/KB for Snatch or just one....I tried it with two at 35 and that was a no go. I have a hard enough time with snatching a bar :)

Rich M. said...

In interest of protecting my wrist, I subbed KB swings for the snatch. I paired up with Ed, which is humbling!

KBS- 9
DUs- 14
Box Jumps- 9
Wall Balls- 7

My weakest set was on the first of each one due to the transitions. After the first set, I was up around 20 for DUs, 12 for box jumps and 8 for wall balls.

Mac- I followed the same logic as James. After the first set, I was picking a number and trying to reach it each set.

Greg M said...

I do the same as Brian S.

Adam "Big Helper" Latham said...

Greg M. Tracking the coaching clinic tomorrow. We got a WOD going tomorrow too?

Greg M said...

Adam, yes there will be a WOD. More to follow on the Coaching Clinic. James and I got pulled to conduct SAMS Sports. Mark Monroe, the godfather may still conduct but if not we will do it Mon and Wed next week. I will have it on the Front page tonight and in the blog.

Roger W. said...

Awesome WOD:

KB Snatch: 8
DUs: 23
Box Jumps: 7
Wall Balls: 6

Total: 44
Box jumps killed me after the DUs.

Meg Smith said...
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Meg Smith said...

KB@20#: 7
DU: 15
BJ@20": 6
WB@10#: 7
I didn't write down each round, rather just paid attention to whether it was lower than the previous or not. I didn't get each transition btwn stations in 10 sec each time, so I was around the 17 min mark, too.

First time I've done a Tabata focusing on per set reps...I've always done the "total after 8 rounds" approach. For me, I prefer the total score approach because I found myself thinking "Well, as long as I don't get less than X, I'm still ok" during the last 2 sets of each exercise.

Glad I could help on the KB snatches some this morning. They are challenging a good day. Oddly, my weak arm was smoother today. Just proves I need to do more of them!

Great WOD!

Amy said...

11 - KB Snatches @ 15 lbs (should have used a heavier weight)
24 - Double Unders
9 - Box Jumps
8 - Wall Balls

Bridget said...

BJ: 7 (20')
DU: Lots of singles... as the rounds progressed I got a few more DU's in.. little engine... more practice.
WB: 8 (10lb)
KB: 10 (20lb)

I did like Meg and tried to focus on an average number.. Great WOD!

Neal said...

Driving back from an ISR Conference in DC and wanted to give a shout out to all of you back at IMCF. While I'm loving the Fury Brigade and the 82nd as a whole, I sure do miss the IMCF community back there. Looks like you guys got it goin on more than ever...trying to figure out how Anna and I can partner up for your IMCF Games!

So, I was sitting in a briefing today at the NSA and I was reminded of James as this Australian officer stood up to speak abt an IED network in our future OE. While I couldn't understand half of what she said, I thought back to so many great experiences with IMCF last year. One of the other briefers even mentioned COL (BG now?) Grigsby, so I thought of you guys @ SAMS even more.

You guys continue to impact "the force" out here...1) I regularly refer those interested in functional fitness to you and 2) leaders across our BN and BDE are constantly borrowing from your programming. Thanks.

Gotta get back to work, but wanted to say hello to all of you back there. Best to all and Happy Thanksgiving.


MSG Burgoyne is our new OPS SGM...awesome dude who speaks very highly of you, COL Richardson, and LTC Work. Great to have him as my right hand man.

james said...

Neal - awesome to hear from you. I plan to work as a translator once my time at SAMS is done...IMCF is going strong but not a week goes by when someone doesn't talk about the good times last year.

You and Anna are in for the games ..just post your results to the blog - we have the technology!!

Safe travels.


Neal said...

BTW, Greg...despite where you think you might be goin after SAMS, I put in a BNR for you and you're now headed to the 82nd...ATW!!!

Hope things are goin well, Brother...your old Brave Rifles t-shirt is worn often...

james said...

I didn't realize "the Greg" was air deployable...

Mike Helton said...

KB Snatch - 9 - did two "sets" at 36 lbs...wasn't comfortable with my form at 36...the rest at 20 lbs
Row - 100m
Box Jump - 7 (first two sets 24"...smoked myself!, 20" for the rest)
Wall Ball - 8 at 14 lbs

Great workout...thank you Amy for partnering up/showing me the ropes!

Greg M said...

The Greg --- is not air mobile. Neal thanks for the offer, I can understand how much you guys need some tank awesomeness, but I don't think ATW and me would be a good fit. I am destined for the "Cav" and you can have my "6" any day.