Nov 18, 2011


Many of us have failed or continue to fail at certain movements or aspects of Crossfit. Some of us avoid certain movements by sleeping in that day, or working out in the corner to avoid others because you are afraid to fail. We are all on the same path along our Crossfit Journey, but we are on different parts of the path. We as a community have to help each other through our Journey and we cannot be afraid of failure or avoid a certain experience because we are scared. Great things come from failures, but only if you have the strength to try something new and then to persevere and be resilient. Don't be afraid and if you do fail, pick yourself up and try again.


Greg M said...

Muscle Ups are mine, and I am going to beat those sons of a guns, sooner rather than later.

james said...

Nice Greg. I don't hide in the corner at the bubble but I do in life...I think that qualifies me

Rich M. said...

I finally got a muscle up....and have managed to string together 3...and it has been nearly at year for that. MUs continue to get me. But then again, anything overhead is a huge mental/ physical challenge for me as well.

Big Helper said...

There is so much that I could be better at, it's depressing and overwhelming at times. I was such a one-trick pony when I started, great at bench and overhead strength. I've made some headway, but there's a long way to go.

Muscle-ups may be a bridge too far for me this year, but I'm not giving up trying. I want to perfect double unders this year.

Scott said...

DU's and Snatch are but some of my goats....but I am not giving up...even if I just end up working out with Bar or just 10 pounds weights on them.

BTW. I ran another 5K PR on Saturday at the YMCA Gasping Gobbler 5K. 19:57. First time I broke under 20:00 mark. Previous PR was on 1 OCT 11 at 20:50. Thanks again IMCF for all the programming. I just did this race on a whim and ended having my best race ever. IT was even a little hilly with lots of turns. I placed 10th Overall and 2nd in Age catagory.

Like Walt Disney says..."keep moving forward."