Nov 10, 2011

111111 FRIDAY

Today is Veteran's day; a day specifically set aside by Congress to recognize our Veterans.  So how do we do this?   What do Vets want or need?  How does WOD for Warriors make a difference?  The divide between civilians and the military has never been bigger in the history of our country; as our military members return home, they do so to a community that does not understand their experience.   WOD for Warriors means to be a new step in improving this communication. 

Today's WOD is being videotaped, photographed, and otherwise memorialized in dozens of affiliates, by hundreds of people across the world.  This effort will be packaged and sent out to Veterans, as a symbol of our solidarity, as a message of our collective thank you, and statement of our willingness to listen.  We at WOD for Warriors will deliver your message, listen carefully to their response, and continue the dialogue. 

 What you are about to do is the essential first step.  

The power lies within the idea that right now you are flipping a switch in your mind.  Let your next hour belong to the men and women on the front line, and those who have been there before.  Picture them watching you (because they will), and feel the honor and pride that will swell within their chest and throat when they realize the awesome collective display that your workout represents.  I am struck by both the simplicity and power of our message;  it gives me chills to think about the difference your actions are about to make in the day, week, and life of a person who desperately deserves it.  Its going to be hard, so let's go do it together- 11 rounds, 11 exercises, 11 reps, let's WOD for Warriors. 


11 x Rounds for Time:

11 Reps ea:

11 x Burpees
11 x Tuck Jumps
11 x HSPU (buddy holds fee
11 x Ring Dips
11 x Sit ups
11 x Air Squats
11 x Deadlift (135/95)
11 x Pull-ups
11 x Press (45/25 plates)
11 x Jumping Lunges
11-meter fireman carry

A two person team will have one member working at all times. #1 begins with burpees, once complete, #2 executes tuck jump, once complete, #1 executes HSPU while #2 holds feet, then #2 executes Ring Dips, and so forth. Since there an odd number of exercises, the second time through, #2 will start burpees, #1 will do tuck jumps, etc. The idea is a quick and even work-rest cycle, high intensity, giving it our all to honor our Veterans, and improving our ability to move more further faster!

The Bubble opens at 0800 - 1600 today.  First group push will begin around 0820 for brief then begin shortly after.

Happy Veterans day everyone!!


Greg M said...

Right now I am tracking these groups: 0800ish, 0930 with Meg and the Bad A** Moms, and 1430 with Erin and Tiffany.

Any others?

FYI...Jumping Lunges are staying in one spot moving from your left foot to your right foot, jumping from one lunge to the next. Each lunge counts as one.

November 10, 2011 6:45 PM

Jess said...

Ill be driving in from riley...anticipate getting there around 9ish

kyle hogan said...

* 1 mile run (2k row)
* 100 pull-ups (50)
* 200 push-ups (100)
* 300 squats (150)
* 1 mile run 
My 1st cut @ Murph, had to scale due to shoulder, time, & equipment available.  Great WOD for veterans day in OEF. Good time to reflect on all those who have given their all, & a special thanks to those on OBJ Redwings, 28 June 2005. 

Greg M said...

11/11/11 is one heck of a WOD!!

I think our time was 50:11, this was my first time to WOD with my wife Jacque. We had a great time together and she got to see why I love the IMCF so much. Thank you all for making her feel welcome.

I had to scale the HSPU after round one, and the ring dips after round 10, all else was RX'd. Jacque did 45lbs on DL and scaled PUs, HSPUs, and Ring Dips.

Happy Veterans Day everyone!!

I will post the pictures later today.

Mac said...

Team Brad/Mike - 47:38.
Big props to brad for carrying on after tweaking his back on the DLs during round 7 or 8.

A tougher WOD than anticipated, and well worth the effort on a day that we should dedicate to remembering and memorializing those who have sacrificed.

Lance said...

Erin or Greg:

If you have pics or video that you would like me to send to Sam at Team RWB, email to He wants to use them to advertise for next years W4W.

Lance said...

Since I was by myself, I relied on my trusty friend Log for the fireman's carry. Used my rings for pull-ups and otherwise put on quite a spectacle for the neighbors this morning. I scaled to 5 rounds, every other exercise and of course my stop watch went TU early on...I'm guessing somewhere around 20-25 minutes. I'm glad I bought the SoCal Econ Package from Rogue after my last deployment.

Alex E. said...

Team AA Energizer (ARod and Alex). 38:43. Scaled HSPU and ring dips after round one. This was a great WOD!!! The Burpess, HSPU combination was a killer.

Jess said...

Team J&J (Jans and Jess) finished in 50:10 this was killer! I did the 80 lb. dead bag drag instead of fireman carry since Jans is so much taller and heavier than me. Great job today to everyone and happy veterans day!

Mike said...

Team Montana - Darin and Mike finished in 61:53

Some scale/sub but a great WOD.

Darin really likes coming to the bubble!

Erin is editing pictures now - should be done by 1300.

Soraya said...

Team America (John and Soraya): 52:33. Amazing workout for a great cause. Thank you Erin for coming in early to take pics.

Big Helper said...

TEAM RADAM: 44:10. Thanks to Roger for consistent hurt to turn the steering wheel on the way home. What a great time!

Erin Anderson said...

Impressive workout everyone!

Pictures are about to upload, should be up by 2.

Erin Anderson said...

Tons of pictures at this link.

If you'd like a copy, email your photo numbers to & I will gladly forward them to you!

I am impressed and grateful to everyone who has and continues to serve in the military! Thankful there is a day for us to remember your service!

Ed said...

Team Shake and Bake (Ed and Chris) finished in 53:.. (something) I agree that the burpee-HSPU combo was a smoker. Used the bands for HSPU, scaling to partner-assisted HSPU (with bands . . . like I said a smoker). I'm still sore.

Great WOD!

Brian S said...

Warmed up this morning with a parade through Leavenworth where I heard the catchalls from Dan and a few other friends. Got to the gym in the afternoon and teamed up with Bridget to form the unstoppable force of team BB Gun. Finished at 44:10. Great work by Bridget! Scaled my HSPU to bands on round 4 and boxes on round 8. Great WOD. great way to spend an hour on veterans day.

April said...

Team Bucky 48:05
Scaled HSPU, ring dips.

For fun (I'm a scientist, my definition of fun is a bit odd), we calculated this mornings deadlift totals. Team 0830 moved a cumulative 346,060 pounds this morning! Much like our military, we are each pretty awesome alone, but downright amazing as a team.
Happy Veterans Day!

Bridget said...

WOW, what a nice V-day & that was a smoker of a workout!

I was able to get my husband @ the airport, checkout the Leavenworth V-day parade & play in the bubble, life doesn't get much better than that!

Thank you Brian for letting me be on your team (BB Gun)! It was motivating trying to keep up w/ Erin & Tiffany (2 Beer Team)!

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

Team 2 Beers (Erin and Tiffany): 44:06

We scaled PU with the red band, HSPU with the band, and deadlifts at 75#. We worked really hard chasing Team BB Gun (Bridget and Brian), lost some form on deadlifts at round 11 to try to beat 'em. We barely got them at the end thanks to Erin and her moving jumping lunges in order to get closer to me to finish out the last fireman carry. Great motivation Erin!

What an awesome workout and a great way to honor our vets!

Meg Smith said...

Debbie and I finished around 50:13. Scaled the HSPU and ring dips. I scaled the last 2 sets of pull ups and accidentally scaled 1 round of DL. Thanks to Debbie for partnering up, and understanding when I ran off for about 1/2 a round to get my morning class set up for their WOD. AWESOME workout, and great pictures, Erin. Looking forward to being back in the mornings now that my husband is back from TDY.