Nov 2, 2011


3 rounds 

Run 200m 
Run 400m 
Run 600m 

Rest the exact time it takes you to do each interval in each set. Example. 200m run in 35 sec. rest 35 sec then 400m run, rest 400m time, run 600m, rest 600m time, run 200m, etc.
If the weather is miserable you can sub 250,500,750 rows or 50, 100, 150m swims.


Mike said...

See you at the track. After intervals we'll make snow angels.

Dan said...

"Dashing through the snow..."

Rich said...

I'm hitting the pool. Anyone willing to join me?

Jimmy S. said...

I'm up for a swim Rich. 6 sound good or do you need later?

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

No snow, but we've had an epic fog here in Bavaria. We haven't seen the sun since Saturday.

27:08 running

Rich said...

Sorry I didn't see your message earlier Jimmy S. As it turned out, 6 was too late!

29:42 total pool time. I averaged about 48 seconds on the 50s, 2min on the 100s and 3mins on the 150s.

Good change of pace!

Jimmy S. said...

30:50 total pool time. The 150s got pretty slow.

No worries Rich.

james said...

April and Jeff - Greg has your shirts - he will be there tmw - I won't be. tom - Mac has your shirt.

Mike said...

200s: 40, 41, 43
400s: 1:26, 1:31. 1:30
600s: 2:16, 2:20, 2:26

Wish a certain K-Stater would have been at the track to push me on the 600s

Erin Anderson said...

31 minutes total.

Alex E. said...

23:45. Did the run this morning with Dan out on the track.

200s - :38-:40
400s - 1:25-1:28
600s - 2:12-2:14

Mac said...

Made up yesterday's pain-fest. 14:48.

That was awesome. One thought...isn't a "squat snatch" repetetive? A snatch is caught in the full squat, as opposed to a power snatch. Kind of like calling a clean a "squat clean". Again, you should recieve the bar in the squat unless told otherwise.

Jess said...

Brisk breeze on the track this morning made it a little slower coming around that south east turn! Finished in about 37-38 min- I need a better watch to track HR and splits!

Dan said...

27:06 of chasing Alex around the track. No snow to dash through made Dan a sad panda...

Tiffany said...

Started at 0548 and finished at 0616, for a total of 28 min.

I don't remember each one, but the 200 was around 35 sec, 400 was 1:35 and 600 was 2:35. I started a little early before the rest was up on some of them, I couldn't stand waiting around. Fighting the wind this morning on the track was a good time. Nice workout though! I overheard a little birdie implying tomorrow was going to be a killer :) Yay. Happy Friday to us!

james said...

Tiffany are you on some kind of happy pills? A good time fighting the wind at the track? Happy fridays? what's going on?

Brian S said...

28:00 total. Average splits of 40 secs, 1:35, and 2:35 for 50/100/150 in the pool. Good times. Between yesterday and today my shoulders are burnt.

Greg M said...

27:43 row for me. This K-Stater enjoyed the warmth of the bubble.

250m around 50 secs
500m around 1:58
750 around 3:00

those were my split times give or take a few each round. The 750m row was a killer.

Great job this morning by Debbie and Amber!!

Tomorrow is not going to be a killer, it is going to be a fun 4-person team WOD. None of the movements will be technical, so come on out and start your weekend right with a fun Team WOD!!

Brief at 0545 and we will begin shortly after.

Erin Anderson said...

Well then, I'd like Tiffany on my team tomorrow since she has all this energy. My body is tired after this week.

monroe said...

IMCF Bamberg, weather is fine! I did some snatch work, 60 pullups in sets of 15, tabata planks, and DU practice, then ran 4x400m at 7 min mile pace. Anybody ever had rauschbier? Blech.

Amber said...

Thanks to Greg (or maybe no thanks...not sure :)) for the lesson in intensity on the rower today. It definitely made me fitter :). Tried to keep my speed up on the rower today was a good challenge!

Jess said...

Tiffany, will you share those happy pills with the rest of us? :)

Tiffany said...

I'll have to think about it...maybe if you ask nice :)

Bridget said...

I completed in 33 minutes.. not bad had my PT test yesterday and did well.

46/45 push-ups stopped with 30 seconds
77/76 sit-ups kept going for the entire 2 minutes
15:39 for the 2 mile.. very pleased..
Thank you Cross Fit team for pushing me, I achieved 2 goals!!

The morning looks like a good time! : )

Amber said...

Great job on your PT test Bridget!