Oct 29, 2011


The Bubble is "Different"

We are so lucky to have the Bubble. It is our place of solitude where we can do abnormal things, but in our Bubble, abnormal becomes normal. Community is a huge piece of what makes Crossfit so special. I encourage all of you to look at what you bring every time you walk inside. Do you bring energy and enthusiasm to make the community better? Our gym is different, and only you can keep it that way.
Comment below on why you think our gym is different. 

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Greg M said...

The bubble for me is different, because it is a place of learning. A place of no egos, where I can take my armor off and lay it on the line, not worried about what others think. I have learned so much inside the bubble over the past year. I am thankful that it is different, and I hope each day we continue to make it better.

IMCF rocks because of the community!!

AF HAKIM said...

The bubble is awesome. It is the people inside who make it that way. Thanks Greg for getting me into Crossfit. I enjoy watching others succeed and gives me motivation to push harder and go farther. I learned a lot about myself in there as well. It doesn't start or stop in the bubble it just comes together. Our conversations in class usually start with the workout that morning and ends with what we are going to do tomorrow. I love how people stop and assist , give motivation , encouragement especially when you are just about smoked.

Erin Anderson said...

The bubble is a motivating place to workout. Not because of the building but a combination of the crossfit program & the people that participate & lead. Just compare the encouragment, intensity & community in a regular gym vs the crossfit bubble. Dispite the difference in athletic ability everyone is welcome & encouraged to work at their own current level and push to the next level. I appreciate all of the encouragement and training and I hope I can pass that on. Great place, I was hooked after the first day.

Lance, can I order a large shirt.

Thank you!

Dan said...

The bubble is different because it's _ours_. The feeling of ownership is powerful.