Oct 30, 2011

103111 MONDAY

5...4...3...2...1 of

Wall Climbs
Muscle Ups
30 foot lunge walk

For the wall climbs, start with your toes and chest on the deck, walk your feetup the wall until your chest touches the wall, and then descend back to the original position.

There are competing ideas on what should be substituted for muscle ups. Is it 4:1 pullups and dips? transitions? jumping muscle ups? I would like some of the new L1 trainers to post to comments what the CrossFit HQ trainers recommended at the cert and if possible post a link to a youtube clip if it is something like a transition.


Alex E. said...


Good video explaining a few of the ways to practice the transition. Pretty much the way they taught us at the level 1 course.

Dan said...

Nice Alex! Great video.

So, what's the best sub for a muscle up? It depends where you're at. The CrossFit HQ guys said 4:1 (pull up/dip) was a fair sub, especially if you need more strength to get a muscle up. But, they pointed out that an athlete who can sub 4:1 for 30 muscle ups, and legitimately do 120 pull ups, has clearly got a muscle up. The issue for an athlete who has the strength and conditioning but can't muscle up is the transition.

So, if you've got the strength, I recommended you work transitions at a level commensurate with your ability as shown in the video Alex posted. If you've got 10 or less pull ups or ring dips, I'd recommend you sub 4:1.

james said...

dueling yet complimentary L1's!!

Greg M said...

Nice thoughts guys, I am going for the box transition muscle up tomorrow to work on the hip motion for the kip.

Alex E. said...

That will now be the official slogan for the "late" crowd.

"Dueling yet Complementary"

As in we'll try like hell to beat each other but in the end its all about improving the whole.

Greg M said...

It is not hard to beat Michigan, just ask Michigan State!!

Soraya said...

The Level 1 cert was great to learn techniques (just like in the video Alex posted) to practice even though I don't have the strength for the MU or even 4:1 unassisted pu/dips yet. For now, I am going to practice the false grip and first transition while supporting my weight on my feet. I will probably add in some dips and pull ups afterwards to work on strength. For me, finding a good body/ring position is something I need to work on. For getting the first transition from being under the rings to supporting your weight on them, I try to visualize putting the rings in your pocket, which helps me focus on getting the rings in front. We'll see how well that works in the morning...

Matt said...

I agree with Dan. If you are able to accomplish the 120 pull-ups/dips, you should be spending your time working on the technique/transition of the muscle-up. However, if you are having trouble accomplishing the pull-ups/dips, you probably need to focus your time in that area.
Personally, I would do a little of both.
Here is another helpful link to a muscle-up progression video:


Ok, so maybe those will take a few days to master.
On a serious note, the below link is a helpful link to a muscle up transition video.


Jimmy S. said...

Worked on transitions before and during WOD. Did my first kipping muscle up after the WOD!

Lance said...

People I am tracking for a t-shirt for the WFW:
Brian S.
G. Scott
Dave F.
Erin A.

I will be sending up the order today at 1200.

Alex E. said...

13:25 this morning. Subbed 1 transition and 1 jumping muscle-up for the muscle-ups.

Lance - Please add me for 1 Large shirt.

Tiffany said...

Lance -please put me down for a small t-shirt. Thanks.

AF HAKIM said...

15:43..jumping muscle ups with rings above my head...feel I am getting closer.

Scott said...

16:21. I subbed 3:1 PU and Dips for MU because no rings here. What is this 4:1 stuff? Next year it will be 5:1. :)

Congrats on your first MU Jimmy S. Now pray you don't get assinged to a post that doesn't have rings, or any other CrossFit stuff. I had to sneak off to a corner of the gym and hide from the staff becuase you aren't allowed to put your hands or feet on the wall here at G4.

Rich said...

11:57 with jumping MU. Worked some transitions after the WOD. Great work Jimmy S!!! Congrats!!

james said...

10:34 - April and Jeff I have your 31 Hero's shirts. Will you be in tmw.

Ken or anyone else involved with FGB 6 do we know what the t-shirt status is?

Mac said...

16:22 as Rx'd.

Took me a while to get a MU, and for me it was mostly a matter of training myself to pull at the right time, do a hard situp at the right time, and not throw my shoulders out while trying to put it all together.

Although you can do some pullups and dips, there is no substitute for doing the movement. Aim to do assisted MUs with the rings as high as possible, even if you are using your toes to get to the transition and then jumping into the dip.

And if you don't have rings...buy them. $60 for some of the most versitile pieces of equipment you can own is worth it. Hang 'em up in your garage or in a tree. People will stop and stare in awe (pity?) as you swing from your rings at the kid's playground.

Soraya said...

Lance, if it isn't too late and you check this before noon, put me down for a Medium and John down for a Large.

Brian S said...

12:30. Subbed box MUs otherwise rxed. On a side note I got my first strict MU today. I think the banded MUs last week plus the box MUs today helped me figure it out.

Dan said...

MUs are hard... started each set w/ MUs, then after failing twice, switched to jumping MUs. So, by round it's (MU/J-MU). 2/3, 2/2, 1/2, 2/0, 1/0.


April said...

James- we will be in tomorrow.
Lance- if you get this, can you put me down for a medium and Jeff a large? Thank you!

Lance said...

Have sent the t-shirt order to WFW. In addition to the first point, I added the following:


Greg M said...

10:58, worked on Jumping Muscle Ups, made sure I had a deep dip with each one.

I warmed up with box muscle ups, working on the hip kip position.

Lance said...

10:14...first round was Rx'd and then went to jumping MUs after I almost detached my arm from my body.

Jess said...

so I finished this in about 23 min (I think- I forgot to start my timer) but I scaled MU to the 4:1 PU/DIP with green band on PU and blue band on dips. I didnt quite get my chest to the wall on the wall climb but I got closer than I thought I would be able to. Thanks Kay for the pointers this afternoon!

Kay said...

I'm a little late with my posting (yes, I am back at the bubble, but I was there around lunch time)- 11:29 with jumping MU progressions; still can't get that kip, but at least I have the full dip. Now I need to work on increasing my chest to bar pull-ups.

Noah said...

11:35 as Rx'd. More of a shoulder workout than I thought going in. The wall walks combined with MUs takes a number on the shoulders.