Oct 23, 2011

102411 MONDAY

Congratulations to all of our new Level 1 Trainers.

AMRAP in 20 Minutes 

5 Handstand PU 
10 Pistols (single leg squat per leg) 
15 pullups

Pistols from Again Faster on Vimeo.

We will have 21 visitiors from 2nd battalion, 1st Brigade from the 101st on Tues and Thurs at 0600. We are looking for some Level 1 trainers to assist/coach them.  We will put them through a warm -up, WOD specific technical training, then coach them through the WOD. This should be a good experience for some of our new Level 1 trainers or anyone else wanting to help. If interested please contact Greg McLean at gregory.mclean@us.army.mil

Today is the last day to get your name on Amber's bulk Rx rope order. If you want one put your name, rope size etc on the list on the whiteboard.


james said...

I requested two cables on the rx order - they need to be 104 inches or 8'8 long. Thanks James

Rich said...

Fellow IMCFers- Julie (my better half) is going to try to get back on the wagon after recovering from "off-season" surgery. She's going to be limited for a bit, but if you guys could look after her for me, that would be awesome!!

I'll shift back to afternoons, if anyone else wants to join!

Ed said...

Greg - I can assist on Tuesday and Thursday. Will have to leave by 0700 or so on Tuesday to make it to 'homeroom'.

Welcome back Julie!

L1 course was great, impressive to see some of the real firebreathers in person. Excellent instruction and lots of good training tips.

Amber said...

Got it James!

Kay said...

I will be doing afternoon WODs this week to taper for the Iron Major Competition on Thursday. It's supposed to be the coldest day of the week; darn it!
Congrats to all the new Level 1 trainers!

Greg M said...

Thanks Ed. So far I have Ed and Meg anyone else. We will be complete by 0700 on both days.

Greg M said...

I got AF Wade as well.

Alex E. said...


I can help and I am sure I can talk Dan into it. Can you share what we will be doing so I can review?


Greg M said...


We will be using some of the 9 basic fundamental movements, as well as working within the 10 general physical skills of Crossfit.


I will tell you more in person, should be easy and fun. No need to study I promise.

Dan said...

I'm in for Tuesday and Thursday - looking forward to flexing some new coaching skills.

Greg M said...

Dan and Alex I will be leaving around 0615 tomorrow from the Bubble. We can talk before than if possible. If not we can link up earlier on Tues.

Chad said...

Greg - I can help on both days. I had a great time at L1 training this weeekend. It was an inspiring and motivating experience. Congrats to all the grads.

Lance said...


I'm in if you still need help.

J.Gibson said...

Great Cert this weekend. Learned a ton and enjoyed the course. Greg I can train too- see you tomorrow

April said...

I'm in. As is Jeff.

Lance said...


Have to do an alternate WOD this morning...pee in a cup for time. Also, I won't be able to make Tuesday as I have to grade my section's APFT tomorrow. Good for Thursday.

kyle hogan said...

7 rds / scaled
I did muscle failure HDPU & would adjust to pike push ups. One the pistols I would alternate holding a bar with the "Paoli" rolling pistol off of the bench. Pull ups were all unbroken through last round. Great WOD overall. 

Greg M said...

6 rounds plus: 5 HSPU, 10 x Pistols each leg, 3 x PUs

Scaled the pistols to holding the PU rack to assist on the way down.

Lance - gotcha good luck on the WOD this morning.

For Tues as Trainers I have:
AF Wade

Try to arrive by 0545 so we can go over the WOD and training techniques, Thanks for the help.

Jimmy S. said...

Scaled to 3-6-9 an used the bar for stabiliy on the pistols. Managed 10 rds + 3 HSPU; 183 total reps

I'll be there Tues/ Thurs Greg.

AF HAKIM said...

9 rounds and used bars to assist pistols...I finally got all pullups with no band assist...small victories...met Pukie out the door to my car, he jumped on my back around round 5 and never let go.

Rich said...

7 rounds plus 5 HSPU. Scaled the pistols to using the pull up rack on the way up and used the bands for HSPU. (used a blue band for an anchor and one of the really small thin ones around my shoulders....so improvement there.) Good ROM on all HSPU.

Brian S said...

Greg I can assist Tues and Thurs. I'll be in at 0530 as usual tomorrow morning. Did 8 rds but switched to banded pullups halfway through when I blew my hand open. Fun stuff.

james said...

8 rounds rxed. Shout out to Erin who was hitting it hard in the "morning tea" time slot with me

Jess said...

5 rounds for me this morning. Banded PU and scaled HSPU using a tall plyo box. Used a bench to assist on pistols. Great WOD today. Finished up with 75 crunches and 25 SU with the ab pad

Mac said...

Altered a little based on personal ability/soreness:

20 min AMRAP
- 5x HSPUs
- 5x pistols per leg
- 10x pull ups
- 400m row

5 rounds

after rnd 3 used the bands for HSPUs - I'd rather get full ROM than not, and used the bench for pistols for the same reason.

A general question for anyone with a thought...last week I was doing box jumps when my calf seized up. Now I get pretty severe pain in the center of my calf if I run more than 400m or try a box jump. Considering the fact that just not doing anything is not an option, have any thoughts?

Rich said...

Mac- in my opinion, if you are icing and rolling (roller or lacrosse/tennis ball) and it doesn't help, lay up for a bit. From the "prone to injury" one (long story from last year), healing is important. You can work squats and other leg stuff, just don't jump and push off through your calf. Use other exercises to continue to WOD, but let those muscles heal a bit. Just my opinion.

james said...

Mac - I put a shoulder out earlier in the year. Contrary to my nature, I did no upper body stuff for a month, think of this as an opportunity to get better at HPSU, walking on your hands, muscle ups, presses...maybe KB swings - GHD situps, back extensions ...

Get on to http://www.mobilitywod.com/2011/04/episode-213365-recovering-your-jumping-calves.html

Erin Anderson said...

3.5 rounds. scaled pu to box, used the pole on pistols, 2 pullups and the rest on the red band. Thanks for the motivation James! I still need to improve mental toughness to stay intense on the second half of the wod.

Dave Hudson said...

Congrats to all of the new IMCF L1 trainers! Good to see some familiar faces on the Mainsite. (Also glad to hear Julie will be back getting after it.)

If any of you have any question on whether or not IMCF programming works, consider this: last year's 'Amazing' Grace (B4B - 30 Oct '10): 4:10. 15 Oct '11: shooting for sub-4. Got 2:51.

Yep, it works.

Lance said...


Are you a toe shoe guy and if so, how long? Those things have extreme ROM capability and sometimes can cause issues. Might look at INOV8s,Merrells, or NB...still provide great feedback to your foot but not as an extreme amount of ROM as the others.

You might look at going with another type of shoe for jumping, running and use the toe shoe for anything else.

Rich said...

Thanks Dave for thinking of me!! Nice to be back in the bubble after four months off. How quickly you lose muscle! :(


Mac said...

Thanks for all the tips. I'm going to hit the ice, stretching, and lacrosse ball hard, and edit my WODs to give the calf an extended rest.

Lance - been running in Inov8s for about a year and a half, and pumas for a year before that, so I think this was more of a fail to warm up the legs, or maybe cumulative strain. Point well taken, though.

Arod said...


thanks for waiting for me to get my jump rope order in, in case you cant read my handwriting..

email: alfredo.rodrigueziii@us.army.mil
5ft 7in

Other than re-opening some blisters today on pull ups, and using the bench to scale pistols..6 and half rounds.

Meg Smith said...

Greg, I'm good for tomorrow, but not Thursday.

Couldn't rally for Mary this morning, so I tortured myself with Turkish Get Ups, Box Jumps and Burpees instead.

Congrats to the new L1!

Matt said...

I can't make it on Tuesday, but I should be able to help out on Thursday. Looking forward to it.