Oct 16, 2011

102411 MONDAY

Nasty Girls

3 rounds for time 

50 air squats
7 muscle ups 
10 Hanging Power Clean (135lbs)

The video below shows the original nastiest girls video. 


james said...

Apologies if anyone listened to the full length version of the previous video - they snuck some naughty words in. This one should be clean.

Amber said...

FYI: I'll be putting a sign up sheet for the jump ropes at the bubble on the white board starting tomorrow. Check out RX ropes and let me know which rope and which handles you would like. Their site is http://store.rxjumpropes.com/. You can choose from five different cable choices and many different handle colors/patterns. The prices range from $35-$40 it appears. I'll take the orders first and then get your money depending on what kind of deal we can get. Kay mentioned she used a shipping code last time. You have until next Monday to sign up for your rope. I'll order after that. Thanks!

Kay said...

Amber - For 10% off the RX Ropes order, either of these coupon codes should still work: WODTALK or HDCF0311.

Amber said...

Thanks Kay!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Humbling this AM:
22:12 almost as Rx'd

Did sub pull-up bar (no rings) and scaled with blue bands for MUs. Wore out quick on MUs, but am getting stronger.

Mike said...

8:05 with MU scaled to jumping muscle ups.

I'm getting closer on those.

Greg M said...

7:47, scaled on the MUs to jumping. Great WOD!

The last round of squats killed me, had to break up 20/10/10/10.

Great to see MG Cardon in the bubble this morning, he is one of the leaders to help get the bubble for Fort Leavenworth.

Anyone going to Korea, you are in luck. He told me this morning, 2ID is in for a big change. He is pushing CrossFit or else over there.

AF HAKIM said...

8:58 with jumping muscle UPS.

Greg M said...

Wednesday looks good Mike.

Erin Anderson said...

11:23ish, sub band pullups and dips for MU. 45# clean, we could have gone heavier. But we worked on intensity so that was progress!

Kay said...

Sweatshirts are $15.50; I'll be in every morning this week to collect payment. I will order the sweatshirts on Friday afternoon, so please pay me before then. I'll send out an email later today to all who ordered, and it will include PayPal payment info if you want to use that method.

My first time doing this WOD; of course, I scaled with jumping MU and cleans with 75# bar. One day, I hope to do full MU.

Jess said...

Took about 12 min today on this one. Subbed band pullups for MU and could have gone heavier on hang..only had 65# but day 3 of getting back into this so I worked on form. Kay, is it too late for me to jump in for a sweatshirt? My email is jrpadme@gmail.com

Mac said...

As far as jump ropes are concerned, I'd recommend the ultra speed rope, which generally go for about $10. They're really fast, adjustable, and last. They do punish you a little on the back of the leg when you miss a jump, but that's just more motivation, right?

Mac said...

Modified today a little bit:

30x squats
4x MU's
10x 135lb hang power cleans
400m run


Turned out to be a great WOD for a monday morning.

Alex E. said...

12:59. Did jumping muscle ups and scaled cleans to 115 and 95. It was rough this morning.

April, are we getting together before Wednesday to talk through the plan?

Ed said...

15:57 as Rx'd. Sets were broken on all but the first round for HPC and squats. MU were all singles. Lots of room for improvement.

I also rec'd my RX rope last week. I ordered two different cable weights, the 2.6 and the 1.8. I'll have it with me in the gym in the mornings this week if anyone wants to see/try it out before ordering.

Greg M said...

I will have my rope there as well, so if anyone wants to try it. I think it is a little heavier than Ed's rope.

james said...

9.08 rxed I tried to talk Calvin into doing it with me but he wasn't buying

Scott said...

After PT this am including 2 mile Sprint and Jog as my warm up

18:25 was my time.

50 SQTs
21 Pull Ups
21 Dips
10 Hang Power Clean [#115]

Smoker. No rings here for MU at G4.

Brian S said...

14:36 for:

50 air squats
14 banded muscle ups
10 hang cleans rxed


Tiffany said...

50 air squats
7 red band PU and 7 dips
10 Hanging Power Cleans (45lbs)

Finished at 11:00 flat. I was chasing Erin this morning. Good workout!

Dan said...


managed 3 no-kidding MU and 4 jumping MU / round

Kay said...

Jess - It's not too late to order a sweatshirt. I sent you an email asking for size and color.

April said...

@Alex, yes, there will be a plan, just waiting on some finalized coordination between Mac and myself. BPT teach air squat and demo some movements (kb swings, dips, box jumps).

17:04, #75, pullup/dip sub. Not good at first glance, but good considering I fought off a cold all last week.