Oct 21, 2011

102211 Saturday/Sunday

Are you "Normal" or are you "Awesome"? Ask yourself this question this weekend. Many of you are about to take the next step in your CrossFit journey as you become Level 1 Trainers. You have been given the knowledge as Level One Trainers, and with "great power" comes "great responsibility." SO ARE YOU GOING TO BE "NORMAL" OR "AWESOME"?

                                                                                           ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE.


Rich said...

And to quote BG Grigsby- to whom much is given, much is expected. Not only within IMCF, but for all of us, especially those that have completed Lvl 1 and more, the expectation is to continue to build IMCF here at Leavenworth and then carry forward this CrossFit experience back into the field. That is where our "awesome" truly lies....how many people we turn into functional fitness athletes not only here, but out in the field, where it matters the most! Good luck over the weekend to all of our IMCF athletes completing LVL 1!!

Greg M said...

Visited the Level one cert this afternoon. It was awesome to see our athletes do FRAN and do weight they had never done before, set PRs and cheer each other on.

Great Job guys!!

I think you are all definitely not "Normal"

Chuck Anderson said...
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Chuck Anderson said...

Lance, I want a L t-shirt. Thanks.