Oct 19, 2011


For time:

row 500m
run 1 mile

There is growing concern in the garrison world regarding runners from the bubble transiting the car park. I acknowledge that there are a range of longer term solutions to this problem. However, the first thing we must do is clean our own house. Therefore, we ask that you wear a reflective belt when you run. Obviously there is no "or else" if you don't, but, as an organization comprised nearly entirely of field grades ...I think we can do this. Do I have a volunteer to produce some reminder signage to stick up around the place?


Mike said...

I'll make a couple signs for the doors.
For the WOD, is it row followed by 1-mi, combined time?

Greg M said...

That is correct Mike. Thanks for the signs, probably need to bring some tape as well.

james said...

Thanks Mike. Nice work.

Mike said...

Total Time
Mike: 9:51
Darin: 16:16

James - extra signs are in the binder with the sign-in sheets.

Greg M said...

Total 9:36

Dan said...


Thanks to Jay for the push on the run.

Alex and I also worked back squats this morning. Today I narrowed the divide between what I used to squat (w/ horrid form) and what I can now squat (w/ solid form) by 100lbs. Good day!

Jess said...

Total time for me today was 11:44
still working on reducing my run time but already seeing improvements!

Tiffany said...

7:30 mile + 2:26 row = 9:56. I had a little extra in me this morning so I went for another 1 mile run, but it was 1 minute slower than the first.

Nice work Darin!

kyle hogan said...

Another great WOD hosted by CFLB
Shoulder press 5-5-5
135-135-145 (f on 3&4)
200m run
Air squat
Push ups
Body rows 
200m run
Great WOD. Wanted 145 on the last set, but not quite there.

james said...

Mike - the signs look great. Thanks for the help.

Alex E. said...

Rowed 2000m this morning 7:55.

Worked front and back square for load after. Worked up to 205 for 1RM on front squat and then did 245 twice on back squat.

Greg M said...

Kyle, what is a body row?

james said...

Hi team - next week a group from 2-327 IN BN will be on on Tuesday and Thursday morning. They are looking for a good workout that highlights the CrossFit methodology. Greg Mclean is the lead if you can help out or you are eager to try out your new found L1 coaching skills then please hit him at


Erin Anderson said...

14 min. Timed loosely with the gym clock. Maybe I would be faster with a watch! :)

Arod said...

Right at 10 min, got some great instruction on clean and jerk after. Trying to work on my squat technique and other weakness areas...

Greg M said...


I am looking to purchase some stone molds. These molds can be used over and over. I was thinking we could go in on some molds and then have a stone making party. If you are interested let me know. The cost could be shared on the mold then we just have to buy concrete mix for your individual stone.

So far I have
AF Steve
Jamie Z


If you are a member of the journal here is a video of Rob Orlando making the stones.


Bill said...

I dont know if you guys knew about this race. It is for a great cause. http://www.helpingheroeschallenge.com/

Brian S said...

9:20. Hopefully someone turns the heat on for the next run.

Bridget said...
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Bridget said...

Bridget said...
I am up for the trail run, 29 OCT, let me know if anyone would like to car pool from local AO.

15:28 (1.65 min mile) warmup jog to bubble

2:31 min row
8:58 min mile jog
11:29 total

9:21 min mile jog home

G. Scott said...

1:48 row
:20 struggling to extract myself from the rowing machine
7:59 run
It felt faster than the time reflects...

Erin Anderson said...

I will help make stones if I can & there is another girl coming!

Greg M said...


We are all Crossfitters..that is all that matters!!!

We now have 6 for the Stones anyone else???

kyle hogan said...

Body row is sort of like ring pull-ups from an inclined position. They use the WOD as an assessment tool. They do a "ramp-on" class (think foundations), then the WOD, followed by a reassessment @ 4 weeks. Good stuff out here on the west coast. Looking forward to getting home at least for a few days.

Matt said...

What are the stone molds for? I had never seen these before. I can access the first link and view the molds, but I cannot access the video. Thanks.

J. Fennell said...

Reporting from Fort Carson! 9:58 total (2:03 row and 7:55 Mile). Hamstrings really sore. Back on the crossfit train after some recovery and rehab from my first jump in 10 years...

Greg M said...

The stones are CrossFit exercises. They are a type of Strongman exercise.


Here is an example WOD on youtube.

Matt said...

Thanks. I just found them. I wasn't thinking of a big stone. I was thinking about something of a kettlebell size.