Oct 17, 2011

101811 TUESDAY

After standard warmup,

jog 1 mile @ moderate pace 
run 1 mile @ fast pace (hard to converse) 
jog 1 mile @ moderate pace 

If this is easy for you, add body armor or a weighted vest. A suggested route is located at: http://www.trainingpeaks.com/sr/Q6E6HWQL6JA2DEEXBO7CVQYIMY

A reminder that it is not to late to sign up for Barbells for Boobs this Friday. Go to www.barbellsforboobs.com to sign up.

Mammograms in Action


Kay said...

I sent an email out this evening (Monday night) to those who ordered a sweatshirt. Please check your emails. If you didn't get an email from me, it means I either sent it to a wrong email or I didn't get your order. Send your order to kwakatake@gmail.com.

Ross & Mac - I got your orders from the blog, but I don't have your email or last names; please email or post on the blog.

It's not too late to order a sweatshirt. Just email me and pay on or before this Thursday. Cost is $15.50 each, or $18.50 for XXL and larger.

Bryan said...

Long time away with significant work capacity decrease, but I am back in the Game!

IMCF Yesterday
11:47 (scaled to jumping MU for intensity)

20 min AMRAP:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 One legged squats, alternating
15 Pull-ups
5 rounds + 5 HSPU, 10 1LS, 1 PU

Greg M said...


Good video for kipping pull-up instruction.

Mac said...

Did a variation on this theme today:

5 rds for time
run 400m
10 box jumps

and then row 2000 m.

Total of 4000m of movement, or 2.85 miles. 21:40.

Also, in working on muscle ups I found that "false grip progressions part 1,2,3" on youtube were really helpful. He then has a series of "muscle up without false grip progressions" that are helpful. Check it out.

Brian S said...

Did the run this morning but only clocked the 1 mile all out run. 6:19. Thanks to Greg for dropping some knowledge on the Kip at the bubble this morning.

Erin Anderson said...

9:15 second mile. Kind of humbling but it's better than 9:40 where I started a few weeks ago. I can tell crossfit is working even though it's not overnight! Missed a few of the new girls from last week! Hope you all come back!

Mac said...

April, if you see this, can you shoot me an email? Thanks!

Kay said...

Erin - Great job! Keep with it, and you'll continually be surprised with how you're progressing.

Rob B said...

Does anyone know when the next days CF workout is posted? I'm new at this, but we are going to give it a shot. I take it 0530 is the best time to jump into it?

james said...

I normally post about 1800 the night before - but most folks get into at 0530

Bridget said...

10:25 first; 8:54 second; 9:58 third, not bad from ending friday w/ the 7.5 mile ruck march and Saturday doing the KS City 1/2. Enjoying seeing the improvements in all physical areas, thank you CF family!

Rob B said...

Thanks for the help. I need to do homework before showing up, just so I have an idea of what the exercise I am supposed to do actually looks like. Great site, this is proving to be very helpful.

james said...

Thanks Rob - nice work on the homework the night before.

Scott said...

6:11 for the middle mile. I ran longer first and third miles due to warmup to track.

I liked this one. I channeled the spirit of PRE for this one. Tried to run the mile flat out from start to finish, no kick; just run to wheels fall off.

Simple WOD, but a great way to show how CrossFit allows one to maintain high levels of intensity for longer of times.

Tiffany said...

Greg - Thanks for posting the kipping video and the tips! Total was 23:07, didn't think to time my 2nd mile because I was too worried about getting lapped :)