Oct 12, 2011


Open Gym

Swim 500 yds (20 lengths or 10 laps)

If you finish the 500 yds in under 10 min, add another 250 yds

If you are not within range of a pool then run 2 miles instead.

0530 class

200m run
15x Knees To Elbows
15x Ring Dips
15x OHS (75)


Meg Smith said...

I'll be getting into the pool around 5:45--I'm a strong swimmer with a lot of experience as a swim instructor ...if anyone needs some tips, I'm happy to stick around after I finish my laps.

Amber said...

Did anyone warn the pool that we are coming tomorrow?

Greg M said...

Greg Stroud said he would, so we should be good to go. If not, then taking an objective by force is always a preferred method.

This time we should just blend in since we are just swimming instead of getting out of the pool and doing crazy functional fitness.

We are kind of like Transformers in the pool, cross fitters in disguise. Can you tell I have two boys who love Transformers.

Ross said...

Kay, is it too late to order a hoodie? XL, BLACK - thanks Ross

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Subbed today with body weight Fran:


No pool and trying to heal my plantar fasciitis

james said...


re plantar:

- orthoheel inserts in combat boots
- orhtoheel flip flops around the house (no bare feet)
- http://www.mobilitywod.com/2010/11/episode-77365-plantar-fasciitis.html

problem largely gone


Dan said...

Took some liberties this week...
Monday subbed a 600m swim for Annie due to Tuesday's APFT. Seemed appropriate then to sub Annie for today's swim.


Wasn't necessarily pretty, but I did manage to string together 10 DUs in row. Big stuff for me!

Arod said...


A little disheartened after getting lapped this morning, but I took solace in the fact I can still go end-to-end (25m) underwater.

kyle hogan said...

I missed out on the pool work today in lew of some more snatch work.
CF SolaFide WOD
Snatch balance 75/scaled 65)
Thanks again to the folks at CF SolaFide for crushing my pride yet again.....

Greg M said...

Did the PT test this morning, scored a 311.

I love functional fitness and IMCF!!!

Alex E. said...

9:15 for the first 500 then finished the extra time at 13:00 total for the full 750.

Mac said...

Missed out on yesterday's WOD, but it looked too fun to miss, so did it this morning. 7 Rds.

Kay, I'm interested in a hoodie too..XL gray if possible. Thanks!

Rich said...

Today was qualification day for the GAFPB- so I did a home workout to make up for yesterday.

10 MIN AMRAP; 10x push-ups, 10x squat, 10x K2E.

8 rounds.

Noah said...

I wanted to beat the 10 min mark and I didn't want to beat it. Either way, I didn't. 10:58. Nice job to those who did.

Kay said...

For the RX ropes order, do a google search for a discount code; I was able to find one for 10% off which covered the shipping charges for the bulk order, so it was worth it.

Kay said...

Full zipper hooded sweatshirts will be $15.50 each; add $3.00 for XXL sizes. I will try to set up a Paypal payment method; otherwise I'll take check or cash. Stay tuned for more info. Thank you!

Jess said...

Did the swim today and thought ten minutes no problem...yeah, twelve minutes later without complete. Just started CF yesterday though so looking forward to vast improvements in fitness!

Jess said...


Scott said...

Pool not open yet, so I ran 2 miles12:54

PR for me. Fastest 2 Mile run EVER.

Thank you IMCF, CrossFit, and all those who pushed me over the years.

Man it sure is easier to do EVERYTHING when you are 30 pounds lighter. :)

I guess I really was fat all those years.

Goodbye tape test...... Welcome scale. I may not even take off my shoes next time.