Oct 13, 2011

101511 FRIDAY

Open Gym 


Three rounds for time of:
20 L-pull-ups
30 Toes to bar
40 Burpees
Run 800 meters

This WOD can also be done as two man team. To do this one partner runs 800m whilst the other works their way through 60 L pullups, 90 toes to bar and 120 burpees. Once one partner completes their assigned exercises and 3 x 800m they can help their buddy out with their reps. See video below for L - pullups.

If you need to scale L-pullups then keep your knees bent like the girl in the background, or kip like the dude in the blue shorts.

L Sit Pull Ups Cam from CrossFit Sydney on Vimeo.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Forrest Nelson Leamon, 37, assigned to the Foreign-deployed Advisory and Support Team (FAST) Echo was killed October 26th, 2009, while on a counternarcotics mission in Western Afghanistan when the helicopter he was in crashed. He is survived by his wife Ana, his son Luke, his parents, Sue and Richard Leamon, and his sister Heather.


Greg M said...

We will start the brief at 0545 and begin shortly after for this exciting team WOD!!!

Lance said...

Possible WOD for Veteran's Day...just throwing out there:


Greg M said...


We are already registered as an affiliate. Once the information becomes available about T-Shirts for this event we will put it on our website.

Greg M said...

This is the WOD Lance is talking about.

11.11.11 - The WOD

The WOD:
11 Rounds:
11 Exercises
11 Reps each
to be executed in 2 person teams

1- Burpees
2- Tuck Jumps
3- HSPU - buddy holds feet
4- Ring dips
5- Sit-ups
6- Air Squats
7- Deadlift (135/95)
8- Pullups (any type)
9- Press (45/25 plates)
10- Jumping Lunges
11- 11 meter fireman's carry

A two person team will have one member working at all times. #1 begins with burpees, once complete, #2 executes tuck jump, once complete, #1 executes HSPU while #2 holds feet, then #2 executes Ring Dips, and so forth. Since there an odd number of exercises, the second time through, #2 will start burpees, #1 will do tuck jumps, etc. The idea is a quick and even work-rest cycle, high intensity, giving it our all to honor our Veterans, and improving our ability to move more further faster!
Again, thanks for signing up, it is inspiring to see how quickly the community has rallied around this cause, and you are central to that momentum.

Coming soon: We'll be back to you with T-Shirt and other event details! Let us know if you have any specific questions in the meantime by replying to this email, or to sam@teamRWB.org

If you know anyone else who needs to be involved, please forward this to them. The price of admission is a promise to pay tribute to our vets on the day set aside for them...if that's not a deal...

Sam Linn
Team RWB Crossfit Trainer

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

In support of next Friday's B4B WOD, did Grace:

10:02 as Rx'd

We will be in the box next week fighting the 173rd ABCT. You can check out the action here:

james said...

I attacked Forrest by myself in the backyard with a portable pullup bar - run was closer to 600 - 36.55

Mike said...

Thanks to Greg for the peer pressure to come this morning and the push during the runs.

Did Pukie visit anybody else this morning?

Greg M said...

Team Marine and K-State (Tom Z and Greg M)


Great WOD this morning. Good to see the community come together and help each other this morning.

Have a great weekend!!

Greg M said...

I thought Pukie came to Big Mike, sorry dude. Thanks for the push this morning. You did not let me slack on the run.

Lot of ILE no shows this morning, I think the TORCH exam fairy was rough on a few of you.

james said...

peer pressure is such a negative phrase big mike. I prefer mutual accountability....

AF HAKIM said...

Chad N and I ...40:43...did some extras at the end. Great way to start the weekend.

Lance said...

Definitely going to put in an RFA if this WOD ever comes back around...pure smoker. Not really for sure of individual and team time, I couldn't raise my head up high enough to see the clock. Maybe we should put the clock on the ground.

Erin Anderson said...

Finished just under 60 minutes. Thanks for the offers to help finish! And for the reminder about intensity at the end. I seem to be holding back for some reason or nervous about the time. At least I know what to work on!

Greg M said...

Nice Job this morning Erin, working through the enjoyment of a fun filled WOD!!! You guys rocked!!! Nice gut check this morning.

Tiffany said...

Couldn't do the L-pullups so I modified to 75 regular pullups with the blue band
90 toes to bar (or something that sort of looked like that)
120 burpees
800 meters x 3

Finished in 53:39. No pukie for the ladies! Thanks for everyone's encouragement this morning!

WetzlerB said...

Are we able to still sign up for barbells for boobs? If so who do we give our $$ to.

Meg Smith said...

Sorry I missed today's gut check, but I was a good wife and made sure my husband could leave early enough for his tee time. :-) That must count for something. Did "Annie" instead--9:43, PR by 2:59!!

Yes, you can still sign up for Barbells for Boobs...go to www.barbellsforboobs.com and search for Iron Major CF. You pay through the site.

Amy said...

3 rounds of...
20 L pull ups (scaled with a violent kipping action)
30 toes to bar
40 burps
800 m Ron