Oct 11, 2011


Open Gym

10 min AMRAP
10 reps each of the following:
pushpress (95lb) 
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (53lb kettlebell) 
knees to elbows

0530 class

HANG CLEAN ( 1-1-1-1-1) SDHP ( 1-1-1-1-1)

then ....

5 sets of Max ABMAT Situps


Rich said...

Tomorrow is day 2 of the German proficiency badge testing. Track and field day!

A buddy shared this on Facebook....I thought it was cool!


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Subbed 95lb BB for KB (we have no KBs here in Hohenfels)

4.5 rds (4 rds and 5x DLs)

scottnkelly9901 said...

Rich, that was cool. Thanks for sharing.

kyle hogan said...

7 rds had to sub dumbbell for KB....none to be had here in globo gym. Overall a great WOD!

Greg M said...

7 rounds complete, tried to stay up with Firebreather Amy.

Need to work on my TTB or KTE, thanks for the tip Meg.

Good WOD!!!

Had some new faces in this morning, good to see.

Lance killed this one, but Mizzoury still lost to K-State, so at least I have that going for me.

Lance said...

As Rx'd...9 rds + 10 PP.

As for K-State, I think Mizzou was felt bad for last year's thrashing in Columbia. Plus, you have to feel bad for a football team whose main color is purple.

Amy said...

7 Rnds + 7 PP
Thanks for making me push myself Greg.

Alex E. said...

5 rounds. Subbed GHD sit-ups for K2E. Hands were raw from Holbrook on Monday.

Brian S said...

Did 6rds rxed. KTE ate my lunch.

Rich said...

Day 2 complete- First time go on the 100m sprint (under 13 sec), cleared shot-put on first attempt, cleared long jump on first attempt and then ran the 3K- 11:36. We had 3 CrossFitters in our small group this morning and had some people questioning their fitness when the "old guys" were smoking them.

Greg M said...

Lance, for you viewing pleasure.



Ed said...

Rich, Mac, et 'al,

From seeing a few CGSC APFTs (and the end of one this morning) as well as the 'young' Soldiers competing for the GAFPB, I continue to be surprised at how 'un'fit so many of us that are paid to stay in shape are. Contrasted with the CrossFit community, where fitness levels seem to be significantly better, it helps to highlight the need to spread the word!

Mac said...

One more note...check out the current Foundation News to see Rich's article on "Iron Major Crossfit - Changing Lives and Preparing Leaders"...awesome!

Jimmy S. said...

Great time this morning at the track. Fun test of the CrossFit way. Constantly varied...

Great video Rich. Something my family needs to see.

Mac said...

APFT this morning in a slight drizzle...good times. Scored a 329, and have done almost exclusively Iron Major WODs for the last 2 months (added a couple extra pushups here and there). For me, that's enough to discredit specificity and encourage work across broad time and modal domains.
On a separate but connected note, it was a little depressing to see the lack of capacity and strength across our peer group. Maybe folks just don't know that there is a better way out there, or they don't personally care. Either way, let's all do our part to spread the word!

Lance said...

Greg: See highlight #4...I was on the field with the Cannon Crew and heard this hit.


Lance said...

To follow the thread on the APFT, I took mine a couple of weeks ago and was surprised how I felt after getting a 300. Seemed like a really easy WOD.

I too was surprised by the overall performance by my peers. I was done with push-ups at the 1:00 minute mark and observed way too many bowed backs and slumping shoulders because of weak cores.

Other than the normal benefits of Crossfit, I think one of the most critical components to performance is diet and the Army is terrible about what it serves or recommends. Usually a bunch of crappy starches with something that resembles protein. Throw in a few glasses of soda and we wonder why some Soldiers struggle with weight control. An Army DFAC is probably one of the most unhealthiest places to eat. Another non-standard benefit is mental fitness. Pushing yourself to the edge day in and day out builds mental toughness and the ability to respond in stressful situations.

I could go on, but I've been drinking the Kool Aid for quite awhile.

Noah said...

5.5 rounds. Scaled the PP to 80# after three rounds as the weight was kicking me in the...shoulders.

Dan said...

4 + 3 K2W.

Meg Smith said...

Did 4 rounds, but used 55# bar for the SDHP. Plan to do the WOD again using the prescribed weight for SDHP and see how it goes.

Scott said...

2 reps shy of 6 rounds.

5 Rounds +
10 PP
10 Dumo [used 65 Bar, no KB at G4]
8 KTE. [well they were probably Kness to Armpits near the end]

Man I really wanted to get 6 rounds, too much waiting hurt me.