Oct 10, 2011

101211 TUESDAY

Open Gym

Overhead Squat


0530 class

MMD 1 MMD 2 8X 100M


james said...

From Kstar:

You have to understand that Mobility means nothing. Mobility is not a goal. Mobility is not an end. Rather, it’s position that is everything, it’s position that is the goal. Position is the means and the end. Mobility is just a tool. Why do we need to be able to spend 10 minutes in the bottom of the squat? Because it guarantees that we will have more movement possibility and built in safety when things go not according to plan. If Mobility is the key to the door, Position is the door to better, more efficient, and more effective movement. The MobilityWod is all about position.

Sounds like strategy. I like it.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


kyle hogan said...

75-75-95-95-135 (f 2nd OHS) 135 (f)
Even in failure today I set a few new PRs. Even at one squat @ 135 that is a new PR. New PR for pwr snatch @ 135. Due to limitations in equipment I had to pwr snatch the weight overhead, but good training value. Also the jump from 95 to 135 lbs was wwaaayyy to much, but due to lack of plates I had to try it. 

Mac said...

85, 95, 135, 145, 155 (f with one to go...frustrating). Didn't try to do too much afterwards, in anticipation of tomorrow's Army Physical Fitness Test that does a wonderful job of measuring fitness. Doesn't it?

james said...

squat snatch OHS complex (for each rep squat snatch then OHS squat then put the bar down)

115-115- 125-125-125

Scott said...


Good deep squats for me finally. last set got a little squirrly on last rep, but held it together.

Greg M said...

warm-up 95lbs


Erin Anderson said...

Thanks for the tips James. Made progress but still working on technique!

james said...

Erin - I watched later - you solved the problem and their form was really solid. Nice work.

Alex E. said...

115-115-135-135-135. Good work by Mark and Paul this morning.

Noah said...

95-105-115-125-125. PR at 125.

Rich said...

Used OHS as a warm up for the German AF Prof Badge swim this morning. Warmed up with 95 then 115 across. For the 200m swim, PR at 3:37. Tomorrow is track and field day! IMCF represented by Ed Gavin, Jimmy S as well this morning! Both were sub 4 on the swim as well! Great work gents!

James- those are some great numbers for that complex!

Noah-great work on the PR!

Lance said...

Ended after the 3rd set with 115. OHS is definitely my biggest goat. Decided to end the day making up Annie...Rx'd, 6:54. About 15 seconds off from normal, but I blame the OHS's for not going unbroken on the 50 DUs.

Dan said...

APFT this morning: maxed PU/SU, ran a 14:36 (not bad for a big kid).

OHS this afternoon:
65-95-115-135-135(f on rep 4)

monroe said...

135lbs sets across. Began each set with a snatch from the floor. Finished up with some l-pullup practice. Anybody else have problems posting from government computers?