Oct 5, 2011


Open Gym

Skill Day

Advanced level = 15 slow muscleups (no kip)

Intermediate level = 10 continuous muscleups

Beginner who can do 1 muscleup = 10 single muscleups followed by 20 ring pullups and 20 ring dips            

Beginner who cannot do 1 muscleup = 20 transitions (see video from around 2.10) followed by 2 sets of 10 ring pullups and 10 ring dips    

0530 Class

800m run
30x Supine Bycicle
30x Ring Push Ups                                       


April said...

Jerry is my coach from CF Old Town and is responsible for getting me hooked on CF and teaching me most of what I know. He is a great guy and a great coach. If you're in DC, stop in and see him.

AF HAKIM said...

Humble town this morning...I'm that guy who couldn't do even one. Everyday a little stronger than the last.

Greg M said...

AF Hakim did get some transitions, don't sell yourself short.

I also work on transitions with band and jumping muscle ups. Then tried to do some handstands, great success against the wall, not so much free standing but I was getting a good laugh from James.

Fun day in the bubble to work on skills!!

james said...

I did some muscle ups and handstands. A good day. Shout out to Brian and John for their handstand prowess.

Greg M said...

I did not have any prowess. I did find some clumsiness.

Mac said...

In addition to some skill work, here's a good little WOD that we knocked out this morning:

7 rds for time
10x med ball cleans
10x burpees


Kay said...

I'm still working on that elusive muscle-up.

Dan said...

Great day! Have done 12 muscle ups in my _life_, and 10 were done this morning! Even got a couple in a row - BOOYA!

Noah said...

Worked the MU for a spell this afternoon. Starting to feel comfortable with no-kip muscle ups. ust have to work at stringing more together without losing my grip.

Greg M said...

Nice work Dan!!