Oct 4, 2011


Open Gym 

5 mile distance run

try 2 miles at an easy pace followed by 2 miles at a fast pace and finish with a mile easy.  Fast is APFT run pace and easy is able to converse while running. So an example would like this: first 2 miles in 16 min, next 2 miles in 14 min, last mile in 8 min for a total of 38 min.

0530 Class

HANG CLEAN( 3-3-3-3-3)
SDHP ( 3-3-3-3-3)                                

then .....

4x SETS of:  MAX AB MAT Sit Ups


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

"20 pieces of Angie"
20 RFT
5 pull-ups
5 push-ups
5 sit-ups
5 squats

18:04 - surprisingly, condensation was more of a limiting factor than expected!

Big Helper said...

Dave F. and I ran the hills on 20th street. Good times had by all, about 4.5 and a whole lots of up and down.

Rich said...

SAMS Seminar PT this morning- swimming to prepare for the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge. 100 warm up- 200 for time (4:04) then 4 rounds of swim 25, 10 squats, swim 25, 10 CFS-push ups- (7:17) Then another 100 cool down.

Scott said...

36:36 I think it was 4+ miles or so

I just ran on post today not tooo hard of a pace. Right knee still little sore from Soccer collision. Sports for PT usually goes bad in my experience :)

Good luck with German Badge Rich. I did it in Spring and it was alot of fun. I still have the black toenail from the Ruck Run. It is about halfway grown out....but funny everytime I see it, it reminds me of CGSC and the German Badge Testing.

Alex E. said...

Introduced a member of my staff group to the bubble today. We did 10 minutes of Cindy then I completed yesterday's workout since I missed it for the APFT yesterday. PR at 295.

james said...

T-Shirt Orders: Our small team has been working around the clock to process over 10,000 t-shirt orders. We apologize for the delay and realize that many of you are still waiting to receive your orders. We expect to have all orders shipped by October 15th and promise that next year we will have a more appropriate system in place to handle such an amazing response.

Lance said...

Due to a self-inflicted alarm clock malfunction, I was unable to make it this morning. Instead, I did the following with a partner from my SG:
Run 800m
21, 15, 9: WB, Burpees, Abmat S/U
Run 800m


Kay said...

Another testimonial about CF and how well it prepares you for the APFT: I maxed again with 68 push-ups, 93 sit-ups, and 15:00 run. I don't do extra push-ups or sit-ups, but I have been doing extra running.

On the topic of t-shirts, I saw the CGSC Foundation Store got another shipment of the gray IMCF shirts.

For hoodie sweatshirts, I'll take orders by posting a sheet on the white board at the bubble (hopefully it won't be taken down). I'm on fall break next week. I will purchase the sweatshirts then take them to the DB store for printing. I think I can order shirts in different colors, so I'll ask for your color preference and size. Once I confirm the price (somewhere around $20), I will ask for payment up front before I purchase the shirts. I think we can get the sweatshirts in November, if not late October.

Dan said...

Jay and I went round and round the golf course: 44:45

Mile splits:
9:28, 8:56, 8:17, 8:12, 9:52