Sep 25, 2011

I CrossFit (With Iron Major CrossFit) because.......

Over the past few weeks, CrossFit's main site had several stories of professional athletes using CrossFit to improve their fitness for their sport.  Here's one story about NFL quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

Other affiliates have testimonials for the average athlete and why they started CrossFit.  Take a look at this video:

Why Do I CrossFit from dan staton on Vimeo.

These testimonials run the gamut from life-changing improvements in nutrition, flexibility or work capacity to improved emotional outlook from the sense of community and commitment to a group. The effect CrossFit has on people is as varied as the workouts we do.

Now the important part: Take a minute to let everyone know what expected (or unexpected) benefits you have received from IMCF. Whether you have only been with CrossFit for a week or since its inception, share your testimonial with your fellow IMCF’ers. It may be profound or it may be pedestrian, but odds are it is shared by several other people who view this blog.  .

Some examples:

What drew you to CrossFit?
What did you expect to get out of CrossFit? What do you actually get out of CrossFit?
Challenges to your IWCABTMD (nutrition, time commitment, kids, life)
Any immediate improvements in your overall fitness or health? Any that were long to realize?
Is there some way you can contribute to IMCF but have been reluctant to raise your hand?

Although not an actual testimonial, below is a short video clip of an NFL running back (Knowshon
Moreno, Denver Broncos) who started CrossFit this past offseason.
Knowshon Moreno's new Cross Fit workout by Josina Anderson from josina anderson on Vimeo.
Although already excelling at many
of the 10 general physical skills, even this elite athlete found dramatic improvement in aspects of
his ‘sport’. A disclaimer should accompany the video stating “Results are not typical,” note his Fran time
over 6 weeks. As an interesting aside, the last 10 seconds of the story make passing mention of how
he also made changes in his nutrition, as if that is an insignificant aspect of a fitness plan. Although it
doesn’t make for interesting news/human interest stories, we know why it sits at the foundation of the
CrossFit pyramid.


Rich said...

The idea for this weekend's post was from Noah. Let's really open some conversation. We have a lot of new folks and this is good for each of us to know how to hold each other accountable.

Noah said...

Alright I'll be the first to bare my soul since the post was my idea.

Some of the concepts that attracted me to CrossFit were improving my mobility, my joint strength and the varied nature of the whole thing. I was 35 when first exposed to CF and I was starting to feel 'old'. A pickup game of bball would result in a sore back the next day. An afternoon of yardwork or helping a buddy move would have the same result. It was clear my 20s were behind me. So when I saw the goals and methods of CF it struck a chord with me. My body is stronger, more flexible and more resilient than it has been since my early 20s.

As for one of the unexpected benefits I got from CF, almost immediately was changes to my nutrition. I always thought I was watching what I ate but after learning some basics on nutrition I realized I was fooling myself that I had been eating right all these years. I now enjoy eating in the Zone and notice differences when I step out of the Zone (like on weekends). CF, and especially the CFJ, have taught me much more on nutrition than any other single source. By reading some of the well-researched and well defended references on CrossFit nutrition I can reason with just about anyone on the benefits of something like the Zone over other dietary lifestyles.

I have also greatly benefited from the Mobility WOD, pose running and the fact that my run times got better even though I started running less. Whodathunkit.

John McGrady said...

I haven't posted here in a LONG time, but I figured I'd share the benefits IMCF provided me.

I started IMCF at ILE in OCT '09 because I wanted to get back in shape and receive an elective credit. I got WAY more than that. I've achieved a better state of health and fitness than I thought was possible. I've also been exposed to things (paleo diet and oly-lifting) that continue to interest and challenge me.

The most lasting effect that IMCF offers: an opportunity to improve yourself on a daily basis. I still look back on my training log and the blog from 2009/10 to see how far I've come. It never ceases to reinforce my sense of personal accomplishment and health.

IMCF is a great thing. It's a great opportunity offered to majors (I wish it was earlier in our careers). It's free. It provides a genuine community to a transient population. It makes you healthy. It makes you productive. It makes us better, thereby making our Army better.


Tiffany said...

I am new to CrossFit and my first day was only 1 week ago. Erin Anderson was talking about how she was getting up at 0500 to go workout with Mike and how much she loved it. I told her she was crazy. She said CrossFit really worked the core and was short and intense. I have two little ones at home that usually wake up around 0700, so I thought ok, I will give it a shot since it fits into my schedule. I work full-time and find it hard to workout during the day and especially after work.

I went everyday last week and one of the things I like best about it is the support and encouragement from the group. I grew up playing competitive softball on a traveling junior olympic softball team in high school and college and this brings back memories. It feels like you are part of a team as opposed to just going to the gym and working out.

I am totally hooked. I have a lot to learn so I am taking the fundamentals class this Saturday. Thank you Erin for telling me about this!