Sep 4, 2011

Fight Gone Bad- The Beginning

As Iron Major CrossFit prepares for our 17 minute fight to support our fallen and wounded brothers and sisters and their families, it is fitting to know how Fight Gone Bad originated.  If you have been doing CrossFit for a while, you know that Fight Gone Bad started as a workout program for UFC fighter BJ Penn. If you are new to CrossFit and to the Fight Gone Bad workout, this can help you understand the intent behind the workout.

As posted on Hardass Fitness, here is the background of FGB:

Fight Gone Bad (F.G.B.) was originally designed about a decade ago for local boy, LW UFC Champ BJ Penn! When BJ Penn did F.G.B. for the first time, he was put flat on his back when it was over! When he was asked about to compare the workout to a fight, he said it was like a "fight gone bad".

F.G.B. was designed to match the time and domain of a UFC fight, while EXCEEDING its metabolic demands. Meaning, whatever the demands were in a UFC fight, F.G.B. exceeds them in terms of force (heavier), distance (longer ranges of motion), and time (work faster). In the workout, you work for 5 minutes on 5 different stations (Concept 2 Rower, Wall Ball, SDLHP, 20" Box Jump, and Push Press) and rest for 1-minute. Normal F.G.B. lasts for 3 rounds, while a Championship Fight or Championship F.G.B. would be 5 rounds long. The reasoning behind the 1-minute at each station then on to the next station, was because Coach Glassman didn't want stamina to be a significant factor in the workout. Since localized muscle endurance limitations reduces the metabolic demands by cramping you up and forcing you to rest, in this workout right when localized muscle endurance is about to be a significant factor you move to the next movement. Thus, 1 minute was deliberately chosen because it is the time limit found at the crest of the glycolytic pathway (the middle metabolic pathway).

Next Week we'll talk more about the charities the FGB6 is supporting this year.

Get ready for the week ahead!!!  3.....2.....1......GO!

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