Sep 17, 2011


FGB 6 rocked. Big thanks to Kay and Ken for organizing it, and to K state for attending in droves. It was motivating to see the Army's future leaders hitting it hard.

If you are wondering why the photos rock it is because Erin Anderson took them.

I have posted the link to the full size photos in comments.


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

link to full size photos

monroe said...

Awesome slide show, wish I could have been there to share the fun! Congrats to our lifters and their performance at the Kansas State Weightlifting meet. There were 125lifters from the state and region. Got to see a record by a young lady who cleaned and jerked 115 kilos, 253lbs! Especially brilliant performance by Elizabeth Brown coming back from surgery. She won best lifter in the masters division.

kyle hogan said...

Great slideshow, good to see the boys still rock'n the chucks!!

Amber said...

Great job with the photos Erin! Nice job on the workout everyone else!

RDM said...

Looks like it was a great WOD. I'm lovin' your new shirts (I left FLV in 2010 in the days of the black T's). Just so you know... I have the US Army Priority Air Transport - Pacific Flight Detachment / Hickam AFB, HI lurking on We are following your WODs after I spent some year end $$ to outfit our aircraft hangar as a gym. ~Ryan McAfee ILE 10-02