Sep 9, 2011

24 September Weightlifting Seminar reminder

On 24 Sep 11 there are two short weightlifting seminars being conducted at the bubble. My personal experience is that these are excellent courses run by highly qualified coaches. The details are:

Beginner Session: 0900 - 1100
Cost: $30
This session is for those that don't know how to do the lifts. We will go over the progressions on how to do the lifts properly and how to progress them.

Advanced Session: 1130 - 1330
Cost: $25
This session is for those that know how to do the lifts, but need help being critiqued on specific weaknesses of the lift.

Contact Mark Monroe to signup.


Ed said...

Is there a plan for which lifts are coached - or will it basically be up to the instructors/students at the clinic?

Greg M said...

Ed - since all Crossfit or Olympic lifts are based around the clean and the snatch, those are the ones they will focus on.

They are great to work with and will give you any help on any other lifts if asked.

Hope this helps

Rich said...

What happened last time was that they asked "what do you guys want to work on" and the consensus was the snatch. So the entire time was spent on snatch. It will be up to the group. They were great and recorded videos of everyone doing the lifts to offer very professional feedback.