Sep 29, 2011

093011 FRIDAY

Open Gym

Its a Scavenger Hunt!

Today we are in search of an increased work capacity.  This wll be a team WOD involving a 'stroll' around the base with a few exercises thrown in.  We will form teams that have all skill levels so don't feel intimidated.  If you have a jump rope please bring it.  Come prepared to run and have fun while the weather is still nice.  We'll brief at 0545 and begin at 0550.

If you can't join the morning group then make up your own WOD and post it for all to enjoy.


Noah said...

This will be a chance to see how prepared we are for the unknown and unknowable. In addition to a jumprope, bring a glow belt if you have one (it will help keep the glow belt police off your case). Please have your warmup up complete by 0545, we will step off immediately after the WOD brief. Hope everyone enjoys this one!

Gary said...

Sounds fun Noah. I wish I weren't a half continent away.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:
Did PT with battalion LTs today.
As member of team (1x FG, 6x LTs)
Rope climb (20'); Water can carry (~600m); Dead hang pullups (10x)
Logcarry (~800m); HMMWV push (~200m); Lunges (~300m); Fireman's carry (~400m); Litter carry (~400m)
Tire flip (~500m); Rope climb (20')
Total time for group: 1:40

kyle hogan said...

Hero WOD "Danny"
20 min AMRAP
* 24" box jump, 30 reps (scaled 20"-ish)
* 115 pound push press, 20 reps
* 30 pull-ups
2 rds + 30 BJ & 15 PP
My 1st attempt at this hero WOD, it worked out great I was able to expose the guys I'm training to both box jumps & hero WODs. The AMRAP is great for scaling of intensity for those newer to CF.

Brian S said...

Team Natasha, Tiffany, lance and brian complete at 59:59. Great work by the ladies today, both are new to crossfit but really put it out there this morning. Nice wod to end the week, good month of programming.

Noah said...

Team Tom, A-Rod, Brad, Johanna and Noah, time 59:00ish. The clcok was stopped once we all departed the bubble so had to swag the time a bit.

Thanks to everyone for coming out for this one.

Mike said...

Great WOD - a lot of fun and a change of pace.

I missed the the time because we were evading the groundscrew.

Good month of programming.

Alex E. said...

Had a great time with Steve, Mark, and Chuck this morning. Don't know our time as we forgot to look at the watch. Really enjoyed mixing the teams up and working with different people.

Noah said...

Gary P...great to hear from you. Not sure if you'll check the blog again today from San Diego, were you able to get involved with CL's CrossFit Miramar group?

Mac said...

Great WOD, and a lot of fun. Only comment I would have regarding an event like this has to do with the down-time that inevitably occurs during some of the exercises. The diversity of experience in the groups is a definite positive, but including a little something extra during the waiting periods would really allow for each individual to increase their personal intensity and work.

With that said, one hour and three minutes of movement this morning left me tired. TGIF!

Noah said...

Mac, I agree. I felt I could have had some more intensity built into it. Next time...

Greg M said...

Team IMCF Forward: 21-15-9 of:


James killed this one.

Only had 3 today..


Natasha said...

Thank you to Brian, Lance, and Tiffany for pushing me during the Scavenger Hunt, it was awesome!!