Sep 25, 2011

092611 MONDAY

Open Gym


AMRAP 20 minutes

5 pull ups
10 Crossfit Standard Pushups
15 air squats

0530 Class

HANG SNATCH ( 5-5-5-5-5)
DROP SNATCH ( 5-5-5-5-5)


3xSETS of: MAX Push Ups


kyle hogan said...

Are you subbing sit-ups for air squats for this version of "Cindy?"

John G said...

Thought Cindy was air squats for the third psrt of the triplet?

james said...

Yeah you right - I might have been drunk when I posted - it's good now

Noah said...

Sounds like someone had too many Foster's last nite.

james said...

apparently it is Australian for beer ....but only in America

Ed said...

17 rounds + 5 pullups

Hoys said...


We will follow suit and will be doing "Medders" for our JBB finale WOD. Thank you for the effort on putting this WOD together... a great tribute.

Thanks--best to all!


Mike said...

15 rds + 5 pull ups

CFS pushups smoked me on this one.

kyle hogan said...

Only 20 rds today, hoping for a new PR of 22, but just ran out of gas.

Alex E. said...

15 rounds plus one bloody hand.

Good to have our neighbor Paul in there this morning!

Mac said...

19 rounds as the watch started to beep. First time doing cindy with CF pushups. Did a few rounds less, but the form was much more consistent, so I think it's a keeper.

Ray said...

IMCF in Japan:

Been awhile since I could report my results-- work gets in the way.

Did the 9/11 workout on 10 Sep. I've been doing CF for over a year and it was the most painful WOD to complete-- previous most painful (in my opinion) was Barbara.

Anyhow, did 6 rounds for Cindy, after running on treadmill for 30 min.

Scott said...

17 Rounds + 5 Pull Ups + 10 PU.

New PR for me. I did reg PU.