Sep 18, 2011

091911 MONDAY

Open Gym

For time:

30 muscle ups (any way you can).

One of the more challenging movements in gymnastics, this is a movement that requires most of the10 general physical skills identified in CrossFit but it also has a few "tricks" to it such as the false grip and getting your shoulders over on top of your hands. As a movement in CrossFit it is scalable and tailorable.
The strict muscle up begins with full extension of the arms and your feet off the ground.  You can incorporate a kip, or lower the rings to allow your feet or legs to start the movement, use bands, or sub dips and pullups 3:!, try and use ring dips and ring pullups if subbing.

Below are links to a two part CrossFit Journal video from Carl Paoli on muscle up progressions.  A Journal subscription is necessary to view the videos.  If you have not sprung for the $25 annual subscription it is highly recommended for anyone who plans on CrossFitting for more than 48 hours.

Muscle Ups Part 1 and Part 2.



Rich said...

I'm going to do this from home...Julie is going to a spin class in the morning.

AF HAKIM said...

30 muscle UPS and 20 dips with rings at head height. Didn't time myself as I was just trying to complete.

Ed said...

15:28 . . . nearly 8 minutes better than last attempt at this WOD. The shoulders and elbows didn't give out this time and I was able to maintain 2-rep 'sets'.

Next time shooting for under 12:00.

Scott said...

Did 1 min + 45 sec on PU and SU + 3 mile Run (EP) for Army PT Warm up

Then, on to the real Work OUt = WOD

No rings, so I did
90 Pullups
90 Sit ups

I used tape grips for the first time. I googled it to find the video that past post a couple of week back on IMCF site. No issues with my hands now. I recommend these to anyone doing high rep Pull ups WODs. chest and Tris a little smoked from this one, from PUs beforehand.

Started doing DU's today. I did 10 after 150 single rope warmup. Still my goat.

Got new running shoes this Saturday, so I natrually went out for a run. Found this really cool canal towpath. I runs between the Augusta Canal and the Savannah River. It is over 8 miles one way. I ran half of it there and back for 8 miles total. Surprised at my pace. NO water or fuel, yet I basically maintained 8 min mile pace for 7.5 miles of it. 33:14 out and 32:04 back. total pace was 8:09. I slacked off at 3.5 to 4 mile turn around [pretty scenery out there]. This was the first long run that I have done in, well I can't remember when. Just shows you how Crossfit really does improve your overall physical performance without even training for specific events. I love this stuff.

Scott said...

19:22 = total time for
90 Pull ups
90 Dips

Greg M said...

30 Jumping Muscle Ups, rings about 10 inches above my head. Getting better and closer to getting that MU. Not sure on the time.

james said...

great Crossfit commercial Scott !!

4.15 this morning

Mac said...

18 MU's, until my skin gave out, so decided to hold off on the next 12.
Did one complete round of Tabata pushups (15) and one round of squats (16) to make up for not completing the MUs.
Any recommendations for how to wrap the wrists to avoid stipping the skin off during muscle ups?

Dan said...

Tried a few different versions of progressions, all with a green band. Much love to Alex for helping me with my form.

james said...

Mac - I just rap tape around them...if the abrasion is more on the heel of your palm then run a few loops through your thumb as well maybe ...apart from that google will know!!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:
Did this one on the pull-up bar with green band assist. Not sure of time, but ~ 12 minutes. Next time will work in with blue band at start.

On a bigger note, just wanted to give a shout out to my wife. She completed her 6th half-marathon this year over the weekend in Ulm.