Sep 15, 2011

091611 Friday

Open Gym

Warm up

Foundation CrossFit: Dynamic Movements from Andrew Bueno on Vimeo.

Air Force WOD

For time:
20 Thrusters
20 Sumo deadlift high pulls
20 Push jerks
20 Overhead squats
20 Front squats

Men will use a 95lb barbell. Women will use 65lbs. Each athlete must do four burpees at the beginning of every minute.  If the minute clock beeps during a repetition the athlete will complete their rep and then start their four burpees. Just a reminder that 0.00 minutes counts as a burpee stop!!

The maximum time for this workout is 20 minutes.(ie if you are still going at 20 minutes then stop)

0530 Class


3x RFT of:
400m Run
21x KB Swing (53/35)
12x Pull-ups


Noah said...

It is not coincidence, this WOD is a shout out to our brethren in blue who celebrate their 64th birthday this Sunday.

Death from Above!

Rich said...

Anyone else thinking about laying up tomorrow because of FGB on Saturday? Or is this one more thing Greg and James are going to give me crap for??

james said...

I don't know who the guy in the video is but he has excellent taste in foot wear

Greg M said...

If you lay off Rich, that would make you an Air Force Aviator.

See you in the morning!!!!

Mike said...

Rich - I may scale this for FGB. However, if Greg or James gives me grief I'll probably give in to peer pressure.

James - those were nice shoes.

Air Force Steve said...
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Air Force Steve said...


Dont' bring it weak IMCF...but scale if you need to.

Army - Do this one in honor of not having to worry about an enemy air attack since 1953.

Marine Noah - You can be my wingman any day

Kay said...

This is going to be FUN!!! (Positive thinking)
I was thinking of skipping this because of FBG6, but that big, yummy pastry I ate yesterday is still nagging at me. See you in the morning!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:
After this week, this WOD broke me off!
14:06 but had to skip O/H squats b/c failed at 95lbs
Reset weight to 65lb to complete
15:40 with 8x additional burpees

Ed said...

11:39 @ 95 lbs.

I was very short of full ROM for OHS.

Great WOD!

Greg M said...


Oh overhead squats, how you humble me!!!

RX'd through 10 OHS, then 75lbs x 5, then 45lbs x 5

Then back to 95lbs for Front Squats.

Great WOD!! Thanks Big Mike, Hakim, Marine Tom, and Chad for motivating me this morning.

Rich, Ed and James you guys killed it this morning.

AF HAKIM said...

18:43 scaled for 10 OHS to 75 and stayed there for the rest. OHS killed me...or was it the burpees ? Great way to end the week..

Greg, I'm just trying to keep up with you mad man.

james said...

8:53 - I note from when we did this in December Rob commented that he doesn't normally lie down after a WOD but had to after this one - I was definitely lying down this morning

Kay said...

8:40 with 53# bar. The motivation to keep pushing through the reps was fewer rounds of burpees.

rob said...
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Alex E. said...

16:42. Scaled to 75lbs. Definitely a good time with Dan, Brian and Jay.

rob said...
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rob said...

FGB6 Complete at ISAF HQ
We had a great turnout this morning; over 30 athletes! We were able to do it all Rx'd with some Soldier ingenuity (I'll post Facebook pics on ISAF HQ Functional Fitness ASAP). There are also some good comments on our Facebook page; normally very few comment.

The attacks on the compound this week did not slow us down at all (meaning the entire compound, not just the crossfitters). There was a 5km and 10km run this morning with a great turnout as well (they do so many laps that some must surely get dizzy!) As soon as we could, we were back out on patrol, in the streets, in the gym, and everywhere else we could. I'm greatful to be a part of it.

Thanks to IMCF for letting us pile on with you. The last time I looked we were closing in on $7000. PR for me today at 320

Brian S said...

15:20. Rxed to OHS then scaled to 65lbs to finish. Came close to puking at about the 12 minute point. Great workout with the late crew.

Mac said...

9:51, as Rx'd. This definitely left me gasping, lying in a little puddle of sweat on the ground, and cursing "Big Blue" (in a nice, joint-friendly, way of course). Happy Friday!

Noah said...

Great way to end the week. 15:58, 95# thru the PJs, then scaled to 75# for OHS and FS.

Steve, happy to be your wingman anytime. You can blow thru my CAS stack without talking to anyone in the C2 system and check firing a SEAD mission while I attempt to control a sectored sequential target attack anytime.

To all the Fight Gone Badders tomorrow, have fun crushing the WOD. Family commitments will keep me away from bubble tomorrow.

Jimmy S. said...

15:45 @ 65lbs; Air Force kicked my butt today.

Gary said...

14:46 and smoked. . . faster than I would have done the 100 reps for time because of the 4 burpees per minute. Its amazing how much faster you can go with that negative reinforcement. I was able to maintain 95# the whole way through simply because I didn't want to do more burpees to drop weight. OHS was the slow down.

Rich said...

I was around 12-13mins. Yeah...OHS were definitely the slow-down point. See everyone tomorrow!!!

Dan said...

19:30 - dropped to 75# for OHS and FS.

Much love to Alex, Brian, Jay, and Bill for pushing me this morning. All that love nearly made my heart explode!

Meghan Smith said...

What time is FGB? thought I'd be out of town but our plans have changed and I'd love to join in on the "fun"!! Thanks!

Hoys said...

Hello all at IMCF!

Great to see the AF WOD come up again, a favorite bowl of abuslix!

We were able to get Sapper Eagle CrossFit affiliated and have a good group from our battalion. We share space with Spitfire CrossFit here on Joint Base Balad.

Still working our website....did you guys pay for the IM URL? is my current (under construction), rather just have

Happy to report have finally slayed my DU goat! Made it part of my warm-up & cool-down daily. Still no Rich DU machine.

Miss you guys,all the best on FGB6!


Greg M said...



james said...

Jim - great to hear from you - send your affiliate application to Rob so he can affiliate his barnstorming group at HQ ISAF. We paid for the IM domain name - I think it is around $35 for five years - I recently did Zoran's for CrossFit Skopje - let me know if you need a hand or a "howto" to get the domain name and get your site to point at it.

FGB pics up this afternoon!!


Kay said...

Jim- great to hear from you, and congrats on your DU!

FGB was great this morning! Over 30 athletes plus families, too! Thank you everyone who came, and a huge thank you to Erin for taking photos! Can't wait wo see them. We raised over $7500, and we still have another week to raise more. That's metal!

Rich said...

Jim- I echo everyone's sentiments that it is great to hear from you! I hope all is well...its great to hear you spreading out with a new affiliate! That's awesome! Glad to hear the DUs are coming along! That's are one up on me...because I haven't slayed the MU or the HSPU goats!!

Like James and Kay said, FGB was great this morning! Had a PR by nearly 60 points!!