Sep 14, 2011


Open Gym 

One set of max dead hang pullups.



Run 600m 
Rest 30 seconds 
Run 400m
Rest 15 seconds 
Run 200m 
Rest 15 seconds 
Run 400m
Rest 30 seconds 
Run 600m 

Believe it or not it is exactly 600m from the pullup bars in the bubble to the track !! Who would have thought!! Post your five split times.

0530 Class

Thruster (1-1-1-1-1)
Kipping Pull-up 5x Sets MAX REPS


"Slay the Goat" pt 2
30x Handstand Push-ups


Jamie Z said...

For my fellas...Since we did this posted WOD today, tomorrow is HELEN = 3x RFT of 400m Run, 21x American KB Swing (53/35lb), and 12x Kipping Pull-ups

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

12x dead-hang pull-ups
(did a total of 50x just because)
Then did yesterday's WOD
4 rds + KB swings + 2 KTE
(subbed 55# db for kb)

Ed said...

16 dead-hang pullups, surprising how abnormal these feel now.

600 - 2:24
400 - 1:19
200 - 0:38
400 - 1:23
600 - 2:38

Lance said...

20 dead hang pull-ups

600: 2:23
400: 1:20
200: ?
200: 0:40
400: 1:23
600: 2:30

Did an extra 200 that I didn't time.

AF HAKIM said...

Air Force PFT this morning: Suffice to say since doing crossfit my score increased 5.3 points from last year, lost 3% body fat and run time decreased 1 min and 3 seconds...

Noah said...

22 pullups.


Still experimenting with Pose running technique. If anyone has been thru a Pose seminar or considers themself to be "good" at Pose running I'd be interested in linking up with you.

Jamie Z said...

Helen in 11:39 as Rx'd.

Greg M said...

Did Wednesday's WOD:

KTE was my big downfall, I think I was doing KTTriceps at the end. Thanks for the help Lance.

4 rounds + 12KBS + 16 KTE (Triceps)

More work, my grip was sucking big time.

Tomorrow will be a fun WOD so come on out and get some!!

Did anyone watch the CrossFit games last night? Can you believe how awesome those athletes are? It was so cool to see CrossFit commercials on TV. I was doing Burpees with my sons during the commercial breaks, just for fun :)

Air Force Steve said...

Friday's WoD will be awesome! Of note, I did not invent it, but I have taken it on as my "El Guapo" or "Darth Vader" WoD, one might say. Ask Debbie about the first time I tried it...ouch! As a teaser, it has been done in 3:53 (not by me).

Mac said...

13x dead hang pull ups.

Run time splits were interesting:
600m - 2:03/2:19
400m - 1:30/1:34
200m - 0:47

Maybe I could have pushed harder during the first laps?

Greg...burpees during commercials? You just aren't right in the head!

Scott said...

15 Pull Ups [PR for me]

9:55 total time with rests included (30,15,15,30)

I like this one. Little windy here in GA. But at least I was on a nice safe smooth track and not the the Killer 3000 treadmil model we have at G4. The breeze did feel nice on my scars and scabs. I am told it aids in the healing process. :)

Greg M said...

Come on Mac, my boys were just motivated, I could not let them down!!!