Sep 12, 2011

091311 TUESDAY

Open Gym

Row 40 calories

rest 3 minutes then .....

50 double unders
40 wall balls (20/14)
30 sitting box jumps
20 ring pullups
10 CFS pushups
2 minutes in a plank

Assume the plank position immediately after the last pushup. Accumulate two minutes, time stops once you've earned two minutes in a plank.

For a sitting box jump you set up a 20" box (or a weightlifting bench) about 12-18" away from a 24" box. Sit on the lower box then stand and jump onto the higher box. (The video below might make it clearer - ignore the handstand stuff at the start)

Post both your row time and WOD time to comments.

0530 Class

8X 200M


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Subbed 1-mile run for row

Subbed 18lb Med ball and bar PUs for WOD

Big Helper said...

Pretty quick on the row...but I FINALLY was able to string 5 double unders together. Persistence is paying off!!

Ed said...

Total time: 15:09 as Rx'd.

12:09 if you don't count the rest.

Mike said...

1:59 Row
11:59 Work
2:00 Plank

DU were the limiting factor. I was able to string 9 together, but of course, that was when I was practicing it after the workout when time didn't matter.

james said...

subbed 3k run for row - 13:12

then 10:30 rxed for the WOD inc plank

Dan said...


Greg M said...

1:39 Row

Then Rest 3 mins

10:46 as RX'd to include plank

Kay said...

I forgot my time on the row, then 12:30 for the rest of the WOD including plank.

Mac said...

15:30 total time (including rest row and 3 min rest). Plank was an exercise in mental toughness at the end.

Greg M said...

The look on everyones faces this morning when I pulled my IPOD from the stereo and Rich's Beiber fever took over was priceless.

I think the morning crew prefers the 80s music over the new stuff.

Just sayin.......

Noah said...

1:31 on the row.
10:00 on the WOD.

Hit the plank posish at 7:54 and told myself to not rest more than 6 secs....barely made it thru.

Kay said...

Don't forget Fight Gone Bad this Saturday! Get your friends to join us for a 17 minute workout!

Rich, about the Beiber song, "Methinks thou doth protests too much."

Scott said...

15:50 lots of subbing at G4 [Gigantic Globo Gym at Fort Gordon].

- Run 800m on treadmill [didn't bust my head open this time :)]
- Rest 3 min [get yelled at by gym worker b/c I moved DM from free weight room to next room so it would be close to jump rope and rest of stations--how silly of me.]
- 150 Single rope [no skills for DU yet]
40 Goblet Squat #40 DB [no med balls here....]
- 30 sitting box jumps [onto smith leg curl bench..this is tight, must land with feet together: small landing area]
- 20 Ring Grip Pullups [because no rings here in Globo land]
- 10 CFS PU [finnally something that is Rx'd]
- 2 min plank [ouch]

Stitches are out, looks like I may have a cool little scar to remind me that Treadmills SHOULD BE RESPECTED AT ALL TIMES. I could never serve on a Sub. :)

james said...

Scott - your tales from the G4 never fail to light up my day. Don't let up.

Mac said...

This might interest some...I know I'd like to jump into some cold mud in KC in November! Check it out...

Jimmy S. said...

1:57 row; 10:50 WOD.

Was able to string together up to 10 DUs! Wallballs were deep squats but need to work on the height of my toss.

Greg M said...

Kay - Rich is a closet Beiber fan. Don't let him fool you. Sing it Rich!!!

Lance said...

Decided to hit the track today, 5x400m...1:17, 1:18, 1:19, 1:19, and 2:04 (backwards)

kyle hogan said...

15x BS @ 135 lbs
800m run
3 min rest
Splits: 5:27/5:03/5:16
Total w/ rest 21:46
Great WOD at CF take over @ VA beach. Thanks Ryan for being a great host. 

Greg I did get the USAW cert this past weekend, the unit paid for about 40 of us to get done.

Rich said...

I failed to follow instructions. I didn't rest the 3 mins between row and DUs. 13:00ish total time.

Greg- KMA!

Erin Anderson said...

The runruckus looks great! Mike and I are thinking about it. Thanks for sharing the info!

Amy said...

2:09ish row
10:16 WOD (including plank)