Sep 8, 2011

090911 FRIDAY

9-11 Throwdown:  a one round, 9 movement, 11 rep chipper.

In memory of the 10th Anniversary of the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, CrossFit affiliates around the world are doing this 9/11 Throwdown (

Start with either a 2001m row or run.
Then, 11 reps of each of the following:
Box jumps (24/20)
Thrusters (125/85)
Burpee chest to bar pullups
Power clean (175/120)
Handstand pushups
Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
Toes to bar
Deadlift (170/120)
Push jerk (110/75)
Finish with another 2001m row or run.

For the early class, we will have the equipment set up for a specific flow through the bubble brief the WOD at 0545 and begin at 0550. Don't worry about the specific weights you will have the option to scale the weight for each activity.


Rich said...

Fellas- I'll be there bright and early to help set up if you need me to.

Greg M said...

James, Noah and I will be there as well to get the party started.

Lance said...

I'll be in around 0530

james said...

worth subscribing to

Dan said...

135 on power cleans
95 on push press (didn't realize it was supposed to be a jerk)

kyle hogan said...

9-11 throw-down
2001m run
11 x box jumps 24"
11 x thrusters 125lbs (scaled 115lbs)
11 x burpee pull ups
11 x power cleans 176 lbs (135)
11 x HSPU (scales pike push ups)
11 x KBS 1 pood
11 x toes to bar
11 x Dead lift 170 lbs (175 by mistake)
11 x push jerk 110 lbs (115 by mistake)
2001m row
39:43 wow this hurt

Greg M said...

31:39, great crowd this morning. Nice job Kyle!!

For those of you not fortunate enough to be from the Great State of Kansas. I just wanted to remind you that the Kansas State Fair is going on over the next two weekends. It is in Hutchinson, KS and is a great family atmosphere. You can see every farm animal that Noah saved on the Ark, plus for those cheat days, they fry just about everything you can think of to include snicker bars.

Have a great Weekend!!

james said...

30.33 rxed

I think it says alot about our community that we reflect affectionately on the perils finding yourself locked in a wrestling match with a giant clown called pulps.

Noah said...

First off, James...please translate your comment from Aussie to American english. I can't tell if you're making fun of me or paying me a complement.

31:16 with scaling on the barbell lifts. Felt like I had kettlebells tied to my shoes for the last 2001m, at least I had a nice breeze as several folks blew past me.

Lance said...

Almost Rx'd this one, but had to scale HSPUs after 5 good ones...32:00ish. Truly enjoyed the 175# PCs. Awesome way to end the week.

And for those of you lucky enough to not have been born in KS, The Roots-n-Blues-n-BBQ Festival takes place this weekend in Columbia, MO. Great food, great music, and you're not in KS anymore.

ErinAndersonPhotography said...

Just have to say you are all very encouraging to those of us in the back of the pack. (or today, way behind the pack) Seriously, Thanks for the encouragment!

Mac said...

29:38, scaled thrusters to 115 and power cleans to 135.

A good push this morning, and a strong reminder to never forget.

As an aside, last year at this time I ran the "tunnel to towers" run, retracing the footsteps of firefighter Stephen Siller. An amazing and humbling story -

james said...

Noah - you haven't met pulps? He is kind of Kay's imaginary clown friend but he gets VERY REAL every now and then

Amber said...

I agree with Erin! Thanks SO much to those who set everything up today. That was a HUGE help!!

Air Force Steve said...

Did you guys Rx this with the 4 different barbell weights, or pair it down to the two weights that were written up on the white board?

Greg M said...


April said...

I can't remember my loads, scaled HSPU and separated pullups from burpees. My true goat, running, was very evident this a.m. This was painful, but worth it, and I agree, the support & effort that goes in to and comes out of our box is amazing.
Have a good weekend!

Dionne said...

Bill and I did the workout at lunch. We both agree "Rowing sucks", especially for 2001m x 2. As we were going through the WOD and wondering why are we putting ourselves through this torture, we reminded ourselves WHY we were putting ourselves through the torture. Great WOD for remeberance.

On another note, we are working our way through the 100 Burpee challenge. He is ahead of me by 5. Tomorrow is his 25 Burpees for time. "Yea Burpees!!"

Rich said...

30:57 today. I did 115 for the thrusters and push jerks and 135 for the power cleans. HSPUs were angled against the wall...nowhere close on those. Goat #2. Made up some time on the runs. Great crowd this morning!! It was awesome!!! Lest we never forget!

Amy said...

Joining the blog for the first time tonight.

30:20 (rowed)
Scaled to 75 lbs for power cleans.
Scaled HSPU with two abmats under my head due to laziness and lack of supervision.

The bubble is empty at 1630.

Aleksander said...

The 9/11 throw-down was an amazing WOD. 33:04 was the time after scaling the events up and down according to strengths and weaknesses.

socal_lifer said...

I'm looking for CF gym in Hutchinson. Anyone know of any, I'm moving there in April.