Sep 7, 2011


Open Gym

3 Rounds For Time of:

20 GHD situps
Row 500 meters

If full range of motion GHD situps are not a comfortable movement for you, or you can't get on a machine, then you can use one of the following progressions:

-Only descend to parallel on the GHD, or
-Do 15 hip extensions and 15 abmat situps, or 
- do 45 ABMAT situps.

0530 Class

Thruster (3-3-3-3-3) 
Kipping Pull-up 4x Sets MAX REPS
Then ...

3x RFT of: 10x Glute Hamm Raises 30x Ft. of Iguana Push ups


Rich said...

I'll start a little earlier if anyone wants to join me, to make room for others.

Ray said...

What are the times? I am here on leave would love to catch a few WODs with you all.

Rich said...

Our big group usually meets at 0530. There is a smaller group at 0700ish

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Had to sub for this WOD

3x RFT
50x situps
25x squat cleans @ 95


Mike said...

11:50 including some delays at the rower.

Rich said...

9:36- I subbed 400m run on rounds 2&3. Like Mike said, the rower was the limiting factor. The GHD wasn't as much of a problem since a lot of folks subbed Ab Mat situps.

Greg M said...

RD 1: RX'd
RD 2: Row 400m/10 GHD/10 ABMAT
RD 3: Row 400m/10 GHD/10 ABMAT

I wanted to keep intensity so I moved to ABMAT during 2 & 3

Lance said...

10:37 and subbed a 400m run on RD 2, otherwise as Rx'd. It's funny when you look at a WOD and think "Hmm, doesn't look too bad" and then are eating your thoughts with a scoop shovel in RD 3.

Jimmy S. said...

13:49 with a bit of a wait at the rower on rd 1.

Taking tomorrow off; resting for half-marathon on Saturday.

Brian S said...

10:44 as rx'd. Came in a little late to avoid the crowd.

Jerimiah said...


Dan said...


Mac said...

10:41. Good quick WOD.
One thought - for a WOD like this, maintaining intensity is vital. Less intensity=less result=lack of faith in cross fit methodology (like my highly technical model?). So if you find yourself waiting around for a machine you might want to stagger your start, or work in a modification to the prescribed workout. Keep it intense!

Greg M said...

Mac good thoughts. I waited for nearly 30 mins so I could go uninterrupted. Intensity is the key!!!

Jamie Z said...

Did 5 sets of 3 reps of thrusters at 80% of my 1 rep max: 5x (185x 3).
I finished the mini-metcon in 3:11

We finished with kipping pull-up development.

Alex E. said...

10:22 as RX'd. Definitely concur with Lance's thoughts.

Ed said...

9:38 Rx'd.

Started at 0520 to get done before the rush.

100 DU following, thanks to Rich for a bit of coaching. I was able to string 26 at one point.

Noah said...

9:50 as RX'd.

Greg M said...


Big WOD tomorrow for remembrance of 9/11. Should be fun, brief at 0540, start shortly after.

See you all tomorrow!!!

April said...

Subbed 400m run x 3. Couldn't afford to wait for the rower chokepoint to clear out and I like Rich and Lance yelling at me in the a.m., afternoons are less "motivating".