Sep 5, 2011

090611 TUESDAY

Open Gym

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

-Run 400m
-15 push press (135/95).
-Bounding lunge the length of the bubble (see video). If you're not comfortable bounding, then use a walking lunge for half the length, add a plate to the walking lunge if you're feeling sporty.

This would be a great workout to do outside or at the track. The grass is excellent to bound on.

0530 Class

BACK SQUAT ( 3-3-3-3-3)


Wall Ball shots (20/14) 
 KB Swing (70/53)


Rich said...

4 rounds plus 10 Push Press- scaled PPs to 115 for 3 rounds and then dropped to 95 for the last round + 10. Nothing graceful about my bounding!

Greg M said...

5 rounds plus 75 meters into 6th round. Scaled PP to 115 for 3 rounds, then 95 for rounds 4/5.

Another Great WOD learning new skills with the bounding. I think I looked better than Rich on the bounding so at least that is something.

Worked on Double Unders afterwards, did 100. Starting to string some together again.

Ed said...

4 rounds plus the 400m run on the 5th. 1st Round @ 135 on push press, dropped to 115 for the rest.

My 100 double-unders were very slow this morning, having trouble getting into a rhythm today. Must be the long weekend.

AF HAKIM said...

3 rounds..pp at 115...good WOD after long weekend.

Dan said...

5 plus a 400; PP @95lbs.

james said...

5 rounds + 325m on the 6th @ 115

Did tabata pushups with seminar 4 after

Noah said...

5 rounds (and not an inch more). Scaled to 95#, caught myself arching my back on the last sets of PP which was torquing my back unnecessarily...bad mech.

Mac said...

5 rounds, with 115 lb push presses and lunges with 45lb plate. Good way to sweat out the beer from the weekend...

Kay said...

4 rds plus 400m run, with 65# pp. It was good to do the WOD with Noah to keep me going.

Scott said...

I did
400m run on treadmill
15 Push Press (95#)
Walking lunges length of our gym.

18:46 I completed my 5th round. Then I went for another 400m on the treadmill and slammed hard on my face, elbow, and knee.

End result = three stitches above right eye, banged up knee, and lots of embarrassment. :)

Don't think anyone got video of this....if they did, I am sure to be on YouTube.

I have never liked treadmills....and it finnally got its revenge on me. After the first five rounds, the treadmill had stopped so I had to start it up again--well not so on the sixth round, guess my pace was picking up. I jumped on without thinking and SLAM

Globo Gym - 1
Me - 0

Greg M said...

Scott - awesome story thanks for sharing.

Alex E. said...

6 rounds. Started at 95 for first two rounds then dropped to 75 to maintain form. Then Dan decided we should flip the tire around a bit.

D Beasley said...

4 rounds scaled PP to 105 went a bit over on time to complete the last few lunges

Lance said...

As Rx'd...4 rds + 400m with very awkward looking bounds

Jamie Z said...

I did 5 sets of 3 with 275 on the back squat. I did the following reps for 4 sets of max continuous ring dips 14, 12, 9, 7. I did the mini-metcon in 2:11.