Sep 4, 2011

090511 MONDAY


A reminder that the Bubble doesn't open until 0800. If you would like to workout with a group, Meghan Smith runs a class at 0930.

On 24 Sep 11 there are two short weightlifting seminars being conducted at the bubble. My personal experience is that these are excellent courses run by highly qualified coaches. The details are:

Beginner Session: 0900 - 1100
Cost: $30
This session is for those that don't know how to do the lifts. We will go over the progressions on how to do the lifts properly and how to progress them.

Advanced Session: 1130 - 1330
Cost: $25
This session is for those that know how to do the lifts, but need help being critiqued on specific weaknesses of the lift.

Open Gym

Max number of 10 foot wall balls in 3 minutes (20/14).

Rest 5 minutes.

Then, swing a kettlebell for 3 minutes (55/35).

Post reps to comments.

Resource constrained workout if you are on the road:

For time:

21-15-9 reps of:

Hand clap pushups
Pistols (per leg)


Rich said...
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Rich said...

Did this one at home this morning. I added a 400m run after each set (21 PUs, pistols, run 400m, 15 each, 400m, 9 each, 400m). I scaled the pistols by holding on to a light post for balance.

Total time 13:06

AF HAKIM said...

From home...scaled pistols using couch...14:21...added some abmat situps at end

james said...

I did the road WOD in Minneapolis. Great weather - sweet town.

7.00 rxed.