Sep 1, 2011

090211 FRIDAY

Picture above is from 31 Heroes WOD in of our fallen warriors.

4 rounds for time:

30 double unders (sub singles 3:1)

5 deadlifts (315/225)

6 muscle ups

Take it easy on the deadlifts, scale as required. Greg will give a 10 minute deadlift class at 0540. If you can't do a muscle up then substitute 4 pullups and 4 ring dips for each muscle up.

So... just to confirm..... that is a total 24 pullups and 24 ring dips per round.


Greg M said...

2 of my goats in one WOD!!!! Son of a....

This is going to be METAL!!!!

james said...

If you need a guide for how long this WOD should take use between 7 and 15 minutes ....the idea isn't that you spend all day doing pullups and dips

Mike said...

I was planning on taking my son to Jacob Heppner's football game in Olathe Saturday night. I'll probably leave at 1630. I have room for 2-3 pax if anyone else wants to go.

rett.burroughs said...

Yes It Was. Still have to take it easy after getting the appendix ripped out but an awesome WOD!!!


james said...

I amended the wording on the WOD slightly - I am sorry if the previous version caused any offence - it was certainly not intended.

james said...

9.56 - scaled deadlifts to 275 - good WOD

Ed said...

15:18, scaled DL to 275.

Anyone else feeling under the weather after those flu shots?

Greg M said...

15:10, Deadlift at 275lbs, 1st two sets did jumping Muscle ups 2/1, last two did bands progressions 2/1. I felt like I got more out of the bands then the jumping.

After slashing my ankles and flopping around on muscle ups, I decided to take my frustration out on the tire. It just needed to be flipped, and it felt good!!

Mike tell Jake hello and good luck, we are headed to the K-State game tomorrow night.

Good WOD today, good week of programming from Noah, even though he is a Jayhawk.

Rich said...

8:52. Scaled DL to 275 and did jumping muscle ups with the rings above my head. I'm getting there!

Dan said...

Ed, yes - not feeling my best after the flu shot.

Shut it down around the 12 minute mark after just two rounds. I'm steady learning to hate my fitness level...

Mac said...

17:38, with the pull ups and ring dips...that was simply brutal. I was definitely not hurt by your comments on the site, James, only by the pain of going from 315lb DLs to 24 pull ups!
Great blowout...cheers to the programmer!

Scott said...

90 Single Rope
5 DL (205)
18 Pull Ups
18 Dips

I always have done three to one for MU's. What is this 4:1 stuff LOL.

had to wait a couple of times for Pull ups and dips here at Gordon's Gigantic Globo Gym (or G4 as I call it--how's that for aliteration...) The rest probably did me well.....this one was a killer.

Greg M said...

Reminder: The bubble will not open until 0800 on Monday due to the Holiday. We will post two WODs one for minimal equipment and one if you are headed to the bubble.

Look for more info Sunday night.

Kay said...


Just a reminder to join the team, or to have you or your friends donate to someone on our IMCF Team. We have raised over $3000 as a team, so let's try to get to $5000! Here's the link for the team:

Kay said...

I can't remember my time - I think it was around 18 minutes, but I struggled with DU until I was able to get a good number strung together, so I might have done anywhere between 30-50 DU per round.
Yes, I felt a little run down from the flu mist, but I think it could also be my allergies.

Noah said...

16:24, using subs for muscle ups. Used 4:1 for rds 1&2 and 3:1 for rds 3&4. This was turning into an upper body oxidative workout which it was not intended to be.

If you do this WOD later today, use 2:1 subs for the muscle ups. Pullups and dips should not dominate the time component of this WOD.

Greg M said...

Good to hear from you Rett, hope you are doing better.

Greg M said...

In studying for my monograph on leadership. I found this in the 1958 Leadership manual 22-100.

To develop physical and mental stamina a leader should-
(1) Avoid nonessential activities that will
lower stamina.
(2) Cultivate 'physical -training habits that
will strengthen your body; learn to stand punishment by undertaking difficult physical tasks.
(3) Test your endurance by frequently subjecting yourself to unusual physical and mental exercises.
(4) Force yourself to continue on occasions when you are tired and your mind is sluggish.
(5) Form the habit of finishing every task to
the best of your abilities.

Sounds very familiar don't you think?? They were promoting Crossfit back in 1958 and they did not know it.

kyle hogan said...

Great looking pick in the bubble post 31 hero's WOD!! I did it here today with 3 of my Night Stalker brothers and what a smoker!! I personally scaled the thrusters to 95 lbs, rope climbs? Are you kidding me,....I will be recovering the entire test of the weekend! 4 rds-ish for my partner & I. Still miss the bubble!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

It is Saturday morning here in Germany. Took opportunity yesterday (part of four-day weekend) to send my son off to school.
This AM did the following:

7 RFT of
21x DL high-pull @ 95lbs
21x Dips


Dave Hudson said...

Great pic! Awesome to see lots of the regulars...but LOTS of new faces.

Did this one today at EastCoast CF (with Redpoint and Phalanx). All three have great communities, and it was a great event. (Catered by a bbq joint and kegs to boot.)