Aug 28, 2011

Scaling and Ego- A Way of Thinking

After the foundations class yesterday, a few more athletes are starting their foray into CrossFit.  For them and as a reminder to everyone, scaling and checking of egos is important in CrossFit.  This is for several reasons including avoiding injury or over training and to focus on form before intensity.  

Know your capabilities... and your limitations!

There are many ways to look at scaling and egos. Life Outside the Box talks about ego and a way to look at scaling workouts.  CrossFit Wilmington has a "psych" article about Egos...and how they are good to a point.  As you read the articles, think about your goals for training.  If you are new to CrossFit, think twice about how much weight you try to do.  If you've been doing this for a while, are you focusing on the form or the weight?  Are you pushing hard enough....or too hard...on certain elements, exercises or WODs.

Is it more important to use the 20# ball and go slower or the 14# ball and have more intensity?  Does going RXd mean a 20 min WOD for, when the programming intent is for 8-10 mins?  Ask one of the trainers what the programing goal is for the day. 

Something to keep in mind....we want IMCF athletes to be confident, self-assured, capable, etc.  Meaning...we want EGOs!  After all...most of us are Type A military leaders.  So, we want people to push hard, get fitter, and desire to excel!  But, we want our athletes to know HOW to do it the RIGHT way. That's where "checking" is important.  Controlling your ego...not letting it control you.

Another new week of challenges awaits; how will you respond......3....2....1....GO!


Greg M said...


Great write-up, we had a nice crowd yesterday in the bubble. Hopefully we have some new athletes showing up this week to begin their new journey.

Rich said...

Glad to hear yesterday went well. Looking forward to meeting more new folks.

Mark said...

Thanks for the post. You mentioned the intent of the WoD. This concept is new to me. Any chance we can get a 1 to 2 word 'intent' with the WoD post? I guess I usually read the WoD then apply my own goal (ie faster or heavier).