Aug 21, 2011

No Negative Words

Our Friday team WOD was awesome. However, in keeping with great CrossFit (and Army) tradition, everything needs an AAR. One of the biggest things that everyone involved in IMCF can improve on, regardless of the fitness level, is our negative speak. There was more than one person on Friday that said they "can't" do the movements or that it was going to suck! So, let's look at a good example of a CrossFit team-

CrossFit New England does very well in CrossFit team competitions.  In an interview for the CrossFit Games, CFNE's owner and coach Ben Bergeron talks about the importance of words for CFNE teams:  

"On top of that, we do a lot of mental coaching at CFNE. Inspired by Greg Amundson, we talk with our members about the importance of a strong mental approach to training and how words and thoughts can influence your performance. We don’t allow any negative words at the gym. Pre-workout, sayings like “this is going to suck,” “I hate burpees” and “5 rounds? This is going to hurt,” aren’t allowed at the gym. Instead we say things like “I am going to get fitter today,” and “I’m going to get better at burpees today.” Our athletes know that thoughts become words, words lead to actions, actions create habits, and habits determine your destiny."

Do you think and speak negatively or positively? Think about this article this week and how you are going to work on your negative thoughts and words. Watch out for your buddy and watch out for those just starting CrossFit.  No negative negative words!


Dan said...

Our Monday WOD is going to be "AWESOME"!

AF HAKIM said...

I can dooooooo. Eeeeeeettttt.