Aug 5, 2011


The weekend posts have traditionally not biased the reader to the individual identities in our affiliate, in order to build a greater sense of team and unity, and for everyone to be able to have a stake in Iron Major CrossFit.  In honor to being "unifying" and "anonymous", let it just be said that citing the author of the article below is generally against the religion of the author of this post.  But since he was an Army officer, an exception can be made (this time!)

Here is an interesting article about motivation, by Coach K, the head coach of Duke University's mens basketball team. 

There is a lot to be gained by everyone from this article.  It brings up questions about motivation that can be applied to everyone from subordinates in the military, to those we train as coaches or even to our peers who simply need help finding a way to find themselves. 

Finding motivation in that dependable person to your left or right, or from pushing yourself through a challenging moment by your own sheer will, or from witnessing true courage to face a challenge head on and never accept defeat, are all sources of motivation that we take for granted in the military.  And they are present in the community and team atmosphere of CrossFit and Iron Major CrossFit. 

What motivated you to try CrossFit?  Who or what motivates you to push harder for one more rep, one second faster, one more round?  How can you motivate others to become more than they think they can? (in the military, in the gym?)


kyle hogan said...

His book "Leading from the Heart" is fantasic. I too follow the same fanatical cult as you and made the exception for the read. Google the YouTube video of him & team USA just prior to the 2008 games. I believe it was called road to redemption. He had wounded warriors talking to his team & they presented the team with the US flags they work in combat. What a moving seen whe these overpaid, underperforming professional athleats finally "got-it", when it comes to representing the USA.

james said...

handy reference