Aug 10, 2011


Open Gym

5 Rounds for time

20 pullups
10 Handstand pushups

No doubt this WOD will hit some choke points. To offset this I encourage you to attack it in a few waves. Wave one will launch at 0530 and wave 2 at 0550.

Scale by using bands, boxes or drop the numbers so that you can achieve a full range of motion for both exercises. There will be some coaching to help with scaling at 0535 to prep for the 0550 start.

A quick reminder that Rich is running the PAIR day activities for IMCF this Saturday and I am sure he could always use some more help. You don't have to be doing Crossfit for a long time to help out, we will be there to explain the program and what Crossfit can do for them. Please contact Rich on the Blog if you would like to help our community.

0530 Class

"OLIVIA" 15-12-9 OF:



Rich said...

10:31. I used bands and parallettes for HSPU. Good ROM, I think.

Jamie Z said...

8:50 for Olivia as Rx'd. The ring dips were the killer this morning.

Mac said...
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Mac said...

10:25. Used the thick bands for all hspu's, which might have been too much. Will probably go with thin bands next time.

On that note, is there a budget/plan for purchasing more bands for the bubble? Iron has a pretty good selection...

Greg M said...

Mac, I and others have put in requests. It would help if everyone would put in ICE comments to have the gym purchase more.

Thanks for the help :)


james said...

100 doubles unders for time 2.57 and some MOBWOD stuff

Greg M said...

AF Steve is the POC for equipment and he is going to talk to Helen (manager of Harney Sports Complex) again about ordering more bands and ABMATS. The ICE comments are very powerful on this post, so please fire away. I would also recommend to anyone to send positive comments about the bubble and IMCF as well.

Thanks Greg

Greg M said...

10:20 this morning, really tried hard to get my chin above the bar for every rep today. I had to RX set 4/5 with knees on black box's at 54". Getting closer to be able to RX the HSPUs.

Great crowd this morning, how is everyones hands, lots of people complaining about blisters. I will link a video of how to tape up this evening.

Reminder about PAIR day this weekend, we are still looking for volunteers, even if it is for 30 mins we can use the help.



james said...

I used to tape but changed my grip and now I don't need to - the link shows you what to do

Brian S said...

Rich I can help with the Booth anytime between 1000 and 1300ish. Let me know. if you want to contact me on email.

Ed said...

14:26 this morning.

HSPU: First three rounds against wall, remainder with bands

Pullups: unbroken for first two sets, then degraded to first sets of 15, then 10,10.

Rich said...

Brian S- I'll add you in...I'll post a schedule to everyone tonight, so you all can see when we need you. PAIR day runs from 09-1300, so I'll plug you in.


Lance said...

Did as many HSPUs while still maintaining full ROM (10, 5, 2, 2, 1)and scaled the rest with a box. Pull-ups were a good break, but had to break up the last few sets because of grip issues...`11:12.

Dan said...

Used bands for all HSPUs and the final 3 sets of pull ups.

Amber said...

Greg- Will put in an ICE comment or two next week. As for today's bands are my friend (and even then not friendly enough for this workout). Dreaming of the day when I can do a pullup!

Ray said...

IMCF in Japan:

Used LifeFitness assisted pullup machine (not many pullup locations here) plus scaled down to just 10 pushups.

4 RFT 11:22

Was smoked doing this-- ran 1.5 miles before and totally gassed during WOD. Stopped at 4 rounds.