Aug 31, 2011


Run with SAMS


Run, row, bike or swim as far as you can in 15 minutes.
Choose whichever one you are weakest at.


Greg M said...

I will be running with SAMS.

If anyone is meeting to run, swim or row put place and time on here so you can WOD with others.

See you on Friday.

Remember Level 1 Scholarships are due tonight.

Noah said...

If you have not used it before, GoogleMaps pedometer (many sites out there have it, it
)is a great tool for determining the distance of an unmarked route. Also, the Harney pool is either 25 meters or 25 yards, there was some debate about this last winter.

Matt said...

Had lunch with COL Graves down here at Maxwell. Asked if Rich and James were spearheading the crossfit word in SAMS. I think he's not been read on to the uncontested benefits of the program.

We held the first IMCF, SAASS chapter this week. Grand total of 2 participants.

We should have the SAASS and SAMS director compete in a "Fran-off" this year at some point. Both directors would be starting at ground 0 in terms of Crossfit experience. More to follow

james said...

Matt - nice update, you could say what you like about the meeting because there is, as you allude to, no danger of the director reading this blog !!!

From little things big things grow. Looking forward to hearing more - how is school going?

Greg M said...

Matt - good to hear from you. Crossfit is alive and well but more from the bottom up at SAMS, not top down.

Mac said...

Going with the pool being 25 m in length, swam 675 m this morning - a humiliating and frustrating experience.
Felt like I couldn't get enough air during the first couple of laps, and looked like a floundering rat for the rest...I will definitely be working some swimming into my future WODs.

Noah said...

I deplore running, which is one reason why CrossFit is so appealing to me, so I ran some hills around my house...1.987 miles. Ran an extra .013 later just to round it off to a nice even number. Still hate running.

Air Force Steve said...

Noah - I hate running too...but COL Graves loves it! So, we had a SAMS run run this morning with students dropping like flies. Good runner, good leader...right?

I'm looking forward to when it's too cold to run (it can get too cold, right?) and we transition to the bubble.

Matt - Please stay on my out-o-shape bretheren at SAASS.

Rich said...

Matt- great to hear from you! I would counter that it is James and Greg who are the driving forces this year....and IMCF is benefiting greatly! I would say the crowd thus far this year is larger than the at the same point this time last year.

The director has been read in, only to hint that he believes we (CrossFitters) are cultist. And??

Things are good here. Hope all is well with you!

Anyone else a little saddened with the amount of fall-outs this morning? Is there a cultist thought in those who refuse to PT?

AF HAKIM said...

There is a difference between falling out and finishing. As a guerrilla warrior might say , its not about getting there the fastest it is about getting there intact. Btw, I hated that run, me and hills are not friends.

Matt said...

Ok. Well, the first thing out of my mouth with COL G. and company was "so how is the Crossfit effort going up there? Woops. I guess I figured some common ground would be PT. But sounds like from SAMS PT fallouts this morning, it's not as common as I thought. Who am I to talk, my class down here would revolt if the idea of organized PT was even suggested.

3285m on the rower. I've found that by doing a modified warm up every morning, my results across the board have really improved. I start out with 1 mile at max speed followed by standard Crossfit warmup, concluded with snatch progressions from occur to training bar to 45 pound bar, kind of like at the cert. Takes me about 25 minutes before every workout, but it's dramatically improved my metcon and stamina.

Greg, sorry to leave you out of the braintrust there. Great to hear from all of you. Classes are fine, except for the ungodly amount of reading. Just read "winged Defense" last night. My idea of a reunified Army air corps went over like a lead dirigible lighter than air craft.