Aug 30, 2011


Open Gym

"31 heroes" - Words  below from ""

On August 6th, 2011, 31 of America’s bravest warriors gave their lives in defense of our freedom. They were 17 Navy SEALs, two Navy EOD Technicians, three Naval Special Warfare Combat Support Sailors, two Army Aviators, three Army Aircrewmen, three Air Force Special Tactics Operators, and one Military Working Dog. These men were sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, and friends. Not only do we thank them for their service and sacrifice, but we thank those that love them for the sacrifice they have made as well. The 31 Americans were not the only ones that died as heroes that day. While the funds raised through the 31Heroes event will benefit the families of the men listed above, we cannot forget the sacrifice of our Afghan comrades. Seven Afghan commandos and one Afghan interpreter were also killed in action and we cannot look past their sacrifice. They too are heroes and we thank them and honor them and their families.

31 Heroes

As many reps as possible in 31 minutes of:
8 thrusters (155/105)
6 rope climbs (15 foot ascent)
11 box jumps (30/24)

This is a partner WOD.  Partner #1 begins the work while partner #2 runs 400 m with a 45# plate.  When partner #2 returns from the run they switch and continue with the work.  Post your total number of reps.  The thruster weight is heavy so scale as needed, no need to hurt yourself.  Since we lost our ropes in the bubble you can either sub 9 towel pullups or 5 burpee pullups for one rope climb (i.e. 54 and 30).  A 30 inch box jump can either be made with the velcro boxes or subbing 14 jumps on 24 inch box to make up the missing 66inches per round.

0530 Class

Thruster ( 5-5-5-5-5)
Kipping Pull-up 3x Sets MAX REPS


3x RFT of: 
20x Box Jumps 
20x AB-MAT Sit-ups


Amber said...

Debbie and I are planning on meeting near the front doors of the gym (inside) right at 5:30 to pray for a few minutes for the families of the 31 before we begin the WOD. All/any are welcome to join us.

james said...

Dustin and I are kicking off right around 0500 if anyone else is in

Greg M said...

I am up for some Jesus time in the morning, see you at 0530.

james said...

With Dustin - scaled to 95lb thrusters/jumping towel pullups and 14 x 24 boxjumps - I think we did 5 complete round

Mac said...

7 rds (+8x thrusters and 7x pull ups)

Modified to 95lb thrusters and 54x jumping towel pull ups. That was definitely a WOD that inspired memories of those who have truly sacrificed.

Dionne said...

Wow....what an awesome turn out this morning. It's been awhile since Bill and I have worked out in the AM. (We go at lunch time these days). The word about Crossfit is defintely spreading.

For those who are interesting in doing a trail run check out the site below. Proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Greg M said...

Team Mike and Greg: 8 rounds + (8 Thrusters + 54 Towel PU + 9 Box Jumps)

I scaled the first round of Thruster to 115, then went to 95. Mike stayed at 115 throughout.

Thanks for the words this morning Amber, great prayer before we got this started.

Good to see some OG IMCF this morning from Bill and DI, miss you guys in the morning!!

Kay also tagged along with us, she used Mike as her pacer and did the WOD by herself. I am not sure how many round Superwomen did.

We will get the pics posted tonight and sent of to the 31heroes website.

Noah said...

Couldn't find a partner in the late morning so did it solo = suck.

95# thruster
16X30" box jump (didn't read good)
Run with the plate
54 rope pullups
Run with the plate
Did 30 burp pu's second time, got partway thru a 3rd round when time expired. Hardest part was grip strength while holding the plate on the run after 54 pullups...get some.

J.Gibson said...

Great work out to honor the men that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Scaled to 95lbs, went with Ed, we made it to 9 rounds.

Scott said...

Ok did this after PT session, so I scaled a bit. No partner so I did not do the runs.

31 minutes of:
8 Thursters (95)
10 Pull ups
11 Bench jumps [no boxes, so I jumped up onto the smith leg curl bench]

I did 8 rounds + 8 Thursters.

Even with Scaling...Man this one was tough. Almost threw in the towel at 21 min...but then I remembered WHY I was doing this workout. It was for all the SOF Forces and Coalition personnell who lost their lives in the line of duty. My workout was for the Seals, AND the SOF SPT folks who lost their lives [US and Afghan]. Tragedies like this one certainly remind us all of the 5th SOF Truth--"Most special operations require non-SOF assistance.”


james said...

okay I get now - Dustin and I did 9 rounds in total.

Dionne said...

James...any word on the 31Heroes tshirts?

james said...

Dionne - I haven't seen them yet but i will give until 03 Sep (the official date) before I start asking hard questions

Mark said...

Holding on to the plate and running after those pull ups is no bueno.

I think we did around 5 rounds. Did some form of jumping pull ups the last few rounds.

Great workout.

Matt said...

Myself and Mark McKelvey barely add up to 1 hero. We scaled it, and lost count of rounds. We both got 5 runs in, and probably 5-7 rounds of circuit between us. Went to 35# KB for the run b/c I couldn't keep a grip on the plate. What a smoker, and what a great way to remember and reflect on the rough men that stand ready to violence on our behalf.

Alex E. said...

I think Chris and I did 6+ rounds. Scaled thrusters to 95# and did jumping pull ups. Good times.

Dan said...

95# thrusters
30 Burpee PU
14 24" jumps

A little short of 4 rounds, 193 total reps

Matt said...

Suggestion for a 9/11 workout if you don't already have one planned. Friend of mine is a part of, and may be the creater of Team Red, White, and Blue. They have a 9/11 WOD and I thought I'd pass the idea along. From their FB page:

I am honoring the brave men of 9/11 by remembering one of their most important lessons- they were ready to meet the calling of the day. Like anyone on the front lines of life, the first responders didn't just wake up on 11 September and have the fortitude and heart to run up hundreds of flights of stairs, carry and help thousands to safety, and fight terrorists for control of an airplane. They were ready...and we can honor them by doing the same.

Join me and other Team RWB's Crossfitters for a 2,730 foot rope climb, to represent climbing the twin towers (1362 and 1368 feet, respectively). Build a team, or tackle it yourself

Take the height of your rope and divide 2,730 by that number, and that is the number of ascents. (Example- 14' rope, climb 195 times...195x14=2,730)!/event.php?eid=165337510207717