Aug 28, 2011

082811 MONDAY

Open Gym


Five Rounds for time of:

20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 abmat Situps
50 Squats
Rest 3 minutes

I am guessing this is a workout that might impose some stress on your grip. The video below shows you how to tape your hands to avoid the carnage. We recommend you make these up the night before to save time - then they can be used over and over again.

If you did the fundamentals on the weekend this might be a good workout to scale. Options are limit the number of rounds:  so you would only do 2 or 3 rounds or reduce the numbers of reps eg. divide the reps in half 10,15,20,25.

If you have questions please post to comment or email or

0530 Class

BACK SQUAT ( 5-5-5-5-5) 

Then ...

3x RFT of: 
30x GHD Sit-ups 
30x CrossFit Push Ups


Greg M said...

"Barbara" is the like the "hot" chick you think you should hook up with, but when she is through with you, you wish you had went with the "fat" chick instead.

Ed said...

37:51 total time
25:51 taking out the 3min rests

Substituted 'rolled up towel' situps for the first four rounds due to lack of ABMATs.

kyle hogan said...

Had to execute alternative WOD this morning, I had daddy duty.
* 400 meter run
* 15 95lb overhead squats (scaled 65 lbs & 10 reps)
Big ego killer this morning. 1st crack @ Nancy, has to scale considerably to work form over intensity. I have slacked off way too much with the mobility WODs & flexibility is now quite the goat. 

Mike said...

49:10 total time

Like Ed, I substituted rolled up towel situps.

AF HAKIM said...

Split times: 4:47, 4:28, 4:46, 5:07, 5:25...Now that was a Monday morning time: 24:33 taking out 3 min rest periods.

james said...

scaled to three rounds:

nice website

Greg M said...

23:14, w/o rest / 35:14 w/rest

Sub'd towel sit-ups the first two rounds. The limiting factor this morning was the CFPUs, they were killing me. The Pullup I did unbroken except for the fourth set.

I owe my 100 DU still, I will get them this evening, just for you Ed. Thanks for the reminder.

Remember the Scholarship applications for the Level 1 cert are due 1 Sept.

Jamie Z said...

I feel you on the CrossFit pushups.

I did the following this morning on back squats: 245x5 for 5 sets. Legs are smoked. I then did 12, 8, and 9 for max reps of ring dips. The instability is the humbling factor. I did the mini-metcon of 3x RFT of 30x GHD situps and 30 CrossFit pushups in 9:55. Hipflexors and lower abs are smoked. Great Day!

Noah said...

Greg, you should not post after heavy drinking. That is the only possible explanation I can think of for your first post.

Barbara...40:57, had to drop knees on the last 80 push ups. Pukie was there to count every rep on round 5.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

This was a rough WOD following this weekend's fest!

38:30 counting rests
23:30 w/out

Pukie almost got me in the end!

Dan said...

56 minutes and 16 seconds of constant battle to keep my breakfast down.

And Greg, yes. I _married_ Barbara; welcome to my world!

Alex E. said...

47:20 total time. Dan's wife really loved us talking about this work out.

Kay said...

39:59 with rest; my CFPU were more like snake push-ups, otherwise I'm sure my time would have been even slower.

J.Gibson said...

Great times.....Barbara. My legs will thank you tomorrow.

April said...

24:42 scaled 1/2 reps for 5 rounds (mostly because I know my hands would have been shredded after 100 PU).

I could have handled the rest. Maybe a better idea would have been to scale PUs and not punked out on everything else.

I need to posture myself better on Sunday nights for Monday morning success. Although afternoon parking at the bubble is rockstar quality, I missed the morning crew.

Gary said...

38:57 counting rest 26:57 without. 4:50, 4:50, 5:20, 5:24,

I enjoyed Noah's post as I thought Pukie was going to get me in round 5 as well. It was a hot day in San Diego and I almost fell asleep on the patio after this one. First time for this WOD I think.