Aug 23, 2011


We will be conducting another coaches prep clinic on Thursday Morning at 0615. This is a good opportunity to improve your coaching skills while here at school, so you can give back to the force when you return to your operational speciality. If interested please email Greg at, so we can make sure we have enough instructors. This is not just for experienced Crossfitters only.

Open Gym

Skill: practice L sits. (see video)


Five Rounds for time:

Swim 100 yards
25 Pushups

If the swim isn't an option for you then sub a 400m run.

0530 class

OHS ( 1-1-1-1-1)

Push Press (1-1-1-1-1)

Then ....


20 KB SWINGS 53/35 (PACER)



Greg M said...

I have SAMS PT at 0600. I will be in around 0530 to work on some L Sits and Double Unders before SAMS PT.

Rich said...

Remind me again, the pool is 25 yards length right? So, 100 yards is 4 lengths of the pool...down, back, down, back....then push ups....right?

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

3:00 min cumulative L-sit with some "regression" for last minute. Good drill.

15:38 w/ 400m run

Ed said...

21:04 with swim. Have I mentioned that I will get better at swimming?

Did 20 3-second holds on the 'L' sit, worked on getting my hips even with my hands and was occasionally successful.

I also knocked out my 100 DU, very rough at the beginning, but towards the end was chaining 10-12 together several times in a row.

Jerimiah said...

9:51 total exercise time for 5 RDs of 400m run and 25 PU.

Above time does not count for the 30 to 60 secs time in between rds.

Alex E. said...

18:19 - Swim start to finish

Mac said...

Altered this a little bit, for a bit more pain:
5 rds for time
400m run
25-20-15-10-5 reps of 65lb overhead squats, pushups, KB swings


D Beasley said...

At Warren Middle track - 16:4ish. No land speed records today

Dan said...

20:00 (ish - analog watch, but still pretty accurate), Rx'd

Lance said...

Subbed the run for the swim...12:11

Rich said...

Swim- 18:46 total time. Worked L-sits for a little bit before hand. Good crowd on the pool deck this morning...officially upset the pool staff. Oh well...we'll give them more heads up next time...but Iron Major CrossFit "flooded" the pool!

John G said...

15:15 using the pool. Really liked this one!!! Thought it would be crowded this morning so changed workout to 1430hrs. Only three people in the pool then.