Aug 18, 2011

081911 FRIDAY


17 0900 - 1100 Sep 11 is Fight Gone Bad Six at Iron Major CrossFit - if you would like to get more detail go to the Fight Gone Bad Six outline and FAQ

If you are unsure if you should apply for a level one scholarship because you are new.... then stop being unsure and apply. What counts is attitude. Coaching and athletic skills can be developed quickly with the right attitude.

Open Gym

Team WOD. 'Modified Three Hundred'. For time as team.

25 Pullups
50 Pushups
50 Box Jumps
50 Push Press (65/45)
50 ABMAT situps
50 Wall Ball (20/14)
50 Pushups
25 Pullups

We will brief the concept at 0545 and start around 0550. The idea is break up into even teams and start at different places in the workout. You total time is when all team members have completed all reps (obviously scale as required).

An athlete can't move onto the next exercise if it is already occupied by another athlete from there team.

If this occurs then the waiting athlete must become a 'dead bug.' See video.


Greg M said...

Great WOD this morning, not sure of our time.

I did my 100 DUs this morning, hopefully after 30 days I can get better. Got 8 strung together today!!!

Don't forget to apply for the Level 1 Scholarships, the deadline is 1 SEPT 2011.

james said...

we had 48 concurrent wodders today - is that a record?

greg 22.50 I think

AF HAKIM said...

Not sure of all the guys on our team: but our time was 26:21...that was a great tough WOD...I enjoyed it.

Greg M said...

TEAM HATES DEAD BUGS: 22:50 - James, Lance, April, Rich, Greg, KIM.

I think 48 might be a record!!

Kay said...

Ditto on the nice big group of wonders this morning. I don't remember my team's time, but everyone put in a great effort!

Rich said...

That was a cool WOD. Even with 48, what seemed really crowded at the beginning was not bad once we got started becuase we used the whole gym. Good idea James and Greg.

Mac said...

28:17. Great work by the 0600 group!

We did this a little different than posted, however. We all stayed together on the same exercise, and did not progress to the next exercise until all were complete, working on our "dying cockroach" technique until the group was ready to move forward. Probably wouldn't work with 48 people executing at the same time, but a good event with a small group.

james said...

Kay - that autocorrect is still playing with your mind

Lance said...

Definite sustain for IMCF. Just feel lucky that I got to WOD with a bunch of fire-breathers...those dead bugs can suck after awhile.

james said...

kay - as we spoke about this morning.

Greg M said...
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Greg M said...


I received this email this week from LTC Morgan concerning functional fitness and current usage in the Army. As discussed this morning, the purpose of the scholarships for the Crossfit Level 1 certification is to give you a better understanding how to use Crossfit in your personal lives, but also how you can give back to the force. This illustrates how many folks in the force IMCF is currently influencing.

His email follows:

I am the BN CDR for 1-87 IN at Fort Drum and have dedicated two days a week to my Companies to execute CF-type exercises and workouts to support not only of the goals of what CF brings, but combat functional fitness as well. We do not do Army PT in this BN.

Currently, most Platoon Leaders and NCOs go to IronMajor CF to obtain their WODs. I wear my Iron Major CF t-shirt around the BN as often as possible.

Dan Morgan
Commander, 1-87 IN
10th Mountain Division

Noah said...

Was able to make it to CrossFit Oahu again. They had a nice triplet: 3 RFT of 50 DUs, 5 MUs and 5 DLs (RXd at 315, I scaled to 225) for the WOD. 7:47.

Jerimiah said...

This mornings workout broke me off! Looking forward to next week.

Kay said...

Yeah, auto-correct - but at least it was cool; I like referring to "wodders" as "wonders."

james said...

yeah this wonder needs to work double understands