Aug 15, 2011

081611 TUESDAY


Meghan, who runs the morning class with Athletic results, has proposed that we (the CrossFit community) run a monthly seminar. The seminar would  cover a different topic each month and take about an hour. Possible topics would include particular lifts (Snatch, Muscle Ups etc), a school of dietary thought (zone/paleo etc) or school of programming (MEBB, CF football). The challenge we have is generating some kind of consensus about day and time.

If you would like to see these types of seminar run then lease post to comments your preference for either a weekday before 0730, weekday after 1600 or Saturday morning starting before 0900.

Open Gym

Push press


0530 Class


on an offset 50 meter course sprint to nearest cone (5 -7 m seperation) and execute a "combat roll" and repeat until complete at the finish line


Kay said...

For those of you who want to join the Iron Major CrossFit Team for the Fight Gone Bad 6 fundraiser on 17 September (at the Bubble), here is the link to join the team:

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

4-mile "warm-up"


115, 125, 135, 145, 155(f), 145

Improved 10lbs from last time.

Big Helper said...

135, 135, 155, 155,155.

Anyone got any advice for chronic ankle pain?

AF HAKIM said...

95 - 95-115-115-115 ...first time push press, concentrating on form.

Rich said...


My form was aweful. Thanks for the pointers Greg and Ed.

Ed said...


Rich and I decided to jump on tall things when we got done. I topped out at around 48", Rich had one more section, so probably 51". Next time we have an easy day on the legs I'll get it.

Strange looks from folks when you play the jumping on tall things game.

Greg M said...

145, 145, 150, 155, 160. Good group again today.

Talk to 2 new crossfitters this morning, they were impressed on how many people ask them if they need any help. They both commented there were no meatheads in here making you feel uncomfortable.

This is why the bubble rocks, no matter the skill level, everyone is welcome and everyone is learning.

Mike said...


Thanks for the help, Greg.

james said...

Big Helper

it s no cure but playing around with this stuff can help identify and isolate problems and subsequent solution


Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5
205 205 235 235 235

Dan said...

145-165-185(f on #4)-165-175

Mac said...


Wrapped it all up with some great stretching. If you haven't checked out mobility WOD, it's worth looking at.

Jamie Z said...

Modified the WOD for my crew this morning based on the weather into 6x 60m sprints. 8:5, 8:4, 8:3, 8:4, and 8:1.

Kay said...

85# across the board. Thanks for correcting my form, Greg.

Greg M said...

As far as the Saturday specific training - I would like to see them start earlier rather than later so I can still have the day. I don't really sleep in so 0600 is good for me.

I think we can focus on many topics and this could be a great learning experience for everyone. We can work our way through everyone's goats and when the Crossfit Open starts up that can be a time to prepare for the upcoming WODs.

I think we should do the first one the last weekend in September any thoughts?


Kay said...

Didn't we have a few folks who pcs'd to Fort Campbell? My friend in the pm crew is going to be stationed there in the winter and will be looking for a CF group or affiliate. Thanks!

james said...

April and anyone else registering for 31 heroes - just select IMCF as the place to send your t-shirt - they have my address and will send them there and I will give them to you.

Rich said...

kay- Jim Hoyman and Kyle Hogan PCSd to Campbell.

Greg M said...

Kyle still posts on the board so I am sure he will answer.

Kay said...

Thank you Greg and Rich.

james said...

Jim is in Balad - but he might still know people who know people

Scott said...

SP Warm up: 65-85-95

I was mistaken and orginally did Shoulder Press....switched to PP during rep three of 95 Warm up after it donned on me that I was doing too much work....D'OH. That little Dip really does help. Still taking it easy on Shoulder lifts untill Right shoulder feels better. I still get a little pull and sharp pain when I go to heavy. Need to really warm it up before I lift.

John G said...


2nd 145 was rough had to jump down in weight. Did a bunch of air squats and back extensions afterwards.

Lance said...

Had some box jump induced knee soreness and tight calves that hindered my PP...135, 155, 175 and called it quits. Finished up with a short 5 rounds of 9 DL and 7 HC with 135# and a 100 DU cash out... 6:07.

April said...

I think I had more in me, but my softball hiatus means I have to practice form. Rich (thank you!) had to come clean up my bar that wanted to move in every plane but the vertical one today.

But I thought it would be good to practice handstands afterwards. Thankfully, I get to do it again tomorrow.

31 Heroes registration complete. Do we know the length of the workout? Do I need to fill out a request for absence for the first hour of my morning?!

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...

If we're doing it once a month, I vote for Saturday mornings at 0800. Get the seminar done, and if anyone wants to do a team WOD afterwards, we can.