Aug 11, 2011

081211 FRIDAY

Open Gym

Squat Clean and Jerk (135/95)
Muscle Ups


Noah said...

As they say in the islands, Aloha. Did a WOD with Crossfit Oahu today, a very welcoming affiliate to outsiders. Squat snatch ladders for 15 minutes and then 3 minutes of wall ball situps, never done those before, a definite smoker. May see those in the September programming! 31 snatches and 49 situps overall. Hope all is well in Kansas.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

No rings, no bands = no MUs

scaled to 115# and 3:1 PU/Dips

Ed said...

FYI for those that may not have left yet - the Bubble is closed as of about 0515 this morning for PAIR day.

Greg M said...


Our apologies for some misunderstanding with MWR, the bubble was supposed to be open until 0900 this morning. They were supposed to begin preparation for PAIR day after 0900. Sorry for their mishap, sounds like a good time to send a ICE comment.

Have a great weekend


james said...

went to the track
400 rest for same time

big shout out to Leticia who is 10 or more years older than me and was running 1.34's with beautiful technique

Mac said...

Also discovered that the bubble was closed early this morning...I thought 0545 was before 0900. Anyway, executed the following (with Tom and Steve...where were James and Matt?) for some Friday fun:

Double Unders


james said...

Noah - this is on 03 Sep 11 can yu account for it in the program and I will get some promo stuff on the blog

Noah said...

James, got the 31 Heroes WOD blocked in for 03 Sep. Waiting to see what the WOD actually consists of.

Brian said...

Concur with the welcoming atmosphere at CF Oahu. I stopped by when I was in HI for training.

Dan said...

With the bubble closed, we had to adapt a bit... (Gruber was a circus) Went w/ 12-9-6 for time
115# squat cleans
CF standard Push ups