Aug 8, 2011

080911 TUESDAY

Open Gym
Clean and Jerk


Skills clinic at 0540 to learn this movement.

0530 Class

MMD #1
MMD #2 


kyle hogan said...

Focus 1st 3 sets on form in a full squat clean through thd last set. @175lbs it became an ugly power clean/ reverse curl to a push press. 

james said...

four rounds for time:
20 GHD situps/20 back extensions 7.01

Mike said...

135 - 135 - 155 - 155 - 165 - 165 - 185
Need to work on explosion and speed.

D Beasley said...


Thought I might progress beyond 145 but not achieving full hip extension - getting away with it though. Back to 135 to work on it

Ed said...


Still working form on these, speed through the transition is lacking but getting better.

Mac said...

A group of us pulled a WOD from the games for a little extra heavy breathing:

20 cal row
30 wall ball shots (20 lbs)
20 toes to bar
30 box jumps (24")
20 SDLHPs (95 lbs)
30 burps
20 ground to overhead (135 lbs)

13:25 (scaled ground to overhead to 95 lbs after the first 5. That was heavy...).

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

4-mile "warm-up"


133 x 2, 143 x5 (love metric plates)

Dan said...


Greg M said...

I worked on form today. I did around 30 clean and jerks at 135lbs. Really focused on not rounding the bar around my knees and not jumping to wide during my jerk.

Also did 20 MU progressions.

Brian S said...


Scott said...

135-135-(155 F*2)-135-135

Still not real comfortable with these....I'll get there...not gonna push it and get hurt like last time.

"Just a little patience....yeaaaah....I've been walking the streets at night....just trying to get it right."