Aug 4, 2011

080411 FRIDAY

Although the Crossfit Games are complete, it is never to early to begin dreaming for next year. This video explains the dream we all have and where we start in our journey of Crossfit. Enjoy!!


Athletic Results will be running CrossFit classes  at 0930 on Monday Wednesday and Friday. This time may suit folks out there with school aged children. There may also be a coop childcare arrangement to accompany the class. Please get in touch with the coach Meghan Smith  to talk class content and costs. Meghan is a Crossfitter and has been involved with IMCF previously.We are looking forward to seeing her involved in the community again.

Open Gym

As a two person team complete the following for time:

200 Squats
Bear crawl 75m
150 squats
Bear crawl 75m
100 squats
Bear crawl 75m
50 squats
Bear crawl 75m

Within your team break up each set of squats however you please. Form and mechanics is what we are after. Scale the numbers if you need to so you can do every squat properly.

75m = down and back on the bubble.

The video shows bear crawling. The guy in red was actually raised by bears so don't worry if yours isn't quite as dynamic - the other guys in the video are demonstrating a more commonly used "crawl."


Noah said...

Greg, I checked and I'm not missing my earbuds. I can't find my necklace of human ears though if you happen to see those lying around.

james said...

aren't they Wilson's? the ears that is not the buds

as for the video I thought we promised Dave we would never show the "pre IMCF video"

Rich said...

Watching that video- all I could think was "that guys got to be a tanker!"

Brian said...

Go Meg. Go Navy.

Rich, IMCF was started by a "DAT". Oh yeah, and Meg is married to one...

Amber said...

I think I am the girl in the grey long sleeve who fell at the end....

Greg M said...

Sorry Dave for posting that Video, good thing is you have come sooooooo far.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Officer PT day = Ultimate Frisbee

Good practical exercise for IWCABTMD

Air Force Steve said...

It's 0215 and I'm still awake...yeah SAMS!

I'm going to need a translator for Brian's comments.

I think the red shirt guy's arms are as long as his that what a Paleo diet gets you?

Noah - I heard that the Marines are re-instating the bun hugger PT shorts sometime in September. I wasn't sure of the date, but the announcement mentioned 60 days from some day in July. Maybe they needed the 60 days to get the production line going again?

james said...

I am not sure what to think about an air force officer lying awake at 0215 dreaming about a Marine aviators shorts - is this what they mean when they talk about Joint concepts

Team Dustin, Greg and James 13.59. I subbed lunge walk for bear crawl.

Mac said...

Mac and Steve B- 17:38.

Bear crawls were brutal, land I have a renewed respect for that joker in the video prancing across the mat like a leopard.

Jacob Heppner said...

Team Micah and Jacob 15:45. I want to throw a thank you out to MAJ Craig for introducing me to Crossfit. I've really enjoyed this summer and getting to know everyone along with goats that I didn't know existed. Now we just have to see how much of this carries over to the field!

If anyone of you aren't busy here is our schedule for this season,

Dave Hudson said...

Hey now! I haven't been that short since middle school!

Dave Hudson said...

Hit up the WOD from Tuesday (5x5 of Front Squat) on Thursday - you know I won't pass up a chance to do a strength WOD.


Excuse the weird weights; everything here is in kg, so it looks rather weird in lbs. Going with the "must be within 85% of your max to "count"" theory, I had to do two extra sets, and still didn't fail; must have started too low. Good to know for next time.

Did 4-mi run with with wife (who is training for a 1/2 marathon). Going to go hit up 2011 Games WOD 10 now (subbing GHD situps for TTB due to right shoulder/bicep issues). We'll see how the sled pull actually goes.

Noah said...

Did a 75# Fran today...4:36. RX'd Fran continues to destroy my will to live somewhere in the round of 15 so I ate some humble pie and tried a lesser weight.

Kristen said...

My body, since 3rd grade, does not love bear crawls! But it will learn to love them. Tough workout.

Rich said...

Team Rich and Brian S.- 11:something. Bear crawls are not fun.

Brian S said...

Bear crawls are cool! We should do those more. Big props to rich on being a stellar teammate this morning.

Scott said...

13:16 SOLO so I did half the reps for the SQuats. Also could only do 66m for bear crawl..ran out of room.

I really liked this one....made for for lots of wierd looks from the girl on the "Good Morning--Hello Dolly" that is a switch.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels (10 Aug):

Scaled to 1/2 reps (Army of One)