Aug 2, 2011


Open Gym

For time:


Handstand Pushups

Don't worry if you can't do pullups or handstand pushups; there are of number of ways to scale them and make them easier. At 0540 April will conduct a skills session to explain the workout and go through how to scale each of the movements. Some of the scaling options for handstand pushups are also shown in the video below.

You can also scale by numbers. Remember the workout is aimed at a conditioned Crossfitter. If that isn't you then do 15 - 12 - 9 or 9-6-3.

The video below shows some options for handstand pushups. The "normal" handstand pushup is done against the wall - scaled versions are done with the feet or knees on a box.

0530 Class

Front Squat ( 1-1-1-1-1) Shoulder Press (1-1-1-1-1)

Then ...

Team 8min AMRAP:
run 200m (pacer) 
Knees to Elbows (max reps)


Amber said...

Looking forward to the skills clinic tomorrow...those pushups look tough!

james said...

tough is a relative term least it never rains or snows in the bubble

Greg M said...

This is going to be good.....I think that is relative as well.

Ray said...

IMCF in Japan:

Did Tuesdays WOD today- posted results there.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


"scaled" the HSPUs with shorter ROM after 15. Am buying bands now so that I can scale and maintain FROM.

Ed said...

25:10 as rx'd.

Pullups were unbroken throughout, HSPU . . . I did some coaching and general walking around between sets to try to get blood out of my brain on this one. HSPU were broken (generally) into sets of 3-4 after an initial set of 11 on round 1. ROM definitely suffered in later rounds.

james said...

12:31 i don't know if it counts as rxed - the ROM was lacking in the last reps

unbroken on pullups which was exciting

shout out to SAMS seminar four who came in before PT

Jacob Heppner said...

22 min as Rx'd, ROM for HSPU was not so hot in the beginning, but got better. Pullups were a nice break in between blood going straight to my head.

Dan said...


Used a strap for the set of 18 PUs; 90% of the HSPU w/ my feet on a box.

Noah said...

18:30 with RX'd number of reps but all HSPUs were done with the bands. The bands definitely help maintain full range of motion.

Rich said...

Not sure of the time- I think the clock was counting down, from 20mins I think (is that right James?) If so my time was around 16:30- 17:00. There were 3mins and some change remaining on the clock.

I scaled by going chest to wall as inverted as possible. Like most, my ROM was short. I did some afterward with the bands just to do some with full ROM.

All but one set of PUs were unbroken. I was losing my grip on one set, and didn't want a Feb. repeat.

Greg M said...

18:21, Did 21/18 set of HSPU with chest against the wall. 15 - I got the first 10 and then I went to the high box and tried to get Full ROM. I finished with the 6/3 back against the wall. My shoulders are hurting, but it was great to do these again. Just found another goat.

Then I did some Yoga in front of the Buffalo Memorial for about an hour. My Sun Salutations were sucking after all the HSPUs. It was good to stretch out and feel the suck.

Jamie Z said...

Set a new PR in the Front squat this morning with 275lbs. I was 5 pounds off on the shoulder press with 180lbs.

monroe said...

Been doing the Catalyst Athletics oly WOD for awhile, will continue up to 17 November for the Kansas State meet on 17 Sept.
So, did my oly work then,
30 KB swings, 30 DB push press
20, 20
30 seconds rest between couplets.
That was no joke after all the snatch work.
Benn working on goats, too. Mostly pistols and hi-volume push ups. Completed my 100 pushup a day challenge for July. That was a good mental and physical challenge. This month is 50 pushups, 40 pistols, and 30 pullups every day.

Kay said...

I think my time was around 12:40; I accidentally reset my watch. ROM was lacking as well.

Scott said...

13:12 with HSPU with stomach facing the wall. Wow form was probably something to behold at GLOBO gym central. Even MARINES were looking at me like I was crazy.

Air Force Steve said...

To anybody that did that many HSPUs RX'ed, well done! HSPUs, actually any pressing movements, are my Goat!

I continued with the benchmarks & did "Nancy" today (5 RFT, 400m Run, 15 x 95# OHS). 1st time RX, OHS unbroken, 16:10.

Lance said...

Definitely had to scale this one, no way was I going to be able to do that many HSPUs. The idea of going chest to wall never occurred to me (glad I read through some of the posts)and used a good L position on a 24" box...all said and done, 11:40.

Mac said...

13:54, using the blue bands for hspu's throughout.

Don't be afraid to scale! Consider whether it is better to maintain a full range of motion with slightly less body weight (ie using the bands, or propping your legs up on a box), or use full body weight but just bob your head up and down a few inches. Chances are, if you only move your head a few inches, your aren't getting all you can out of the exercise.

Gary said...

I did this workout on Thursday and added sets of dips to the HSPU (which I scaled with pike pushups off the AC unit) and pullups. 18:39

For anyone reading, I wanted to share a funny story from vacation. I couldn't resist utilizing the hotel pool in Laramie, Wyoming to do a 10 round workout of swim 50 meters, 10 pushups and 15 squats. I caught the attention of the other hotel guests to say the least. One guy was either videotaping me or taking pictures with his iphone. So maybe there is something on Youtube with a title like "what the heck is this guy doing." Lisa told me I should post it since I had found James' tale of doing HSPU against the ticket booth on the National Mall so entertaining.

In any event I miss all of you back at IMCF. The affiliate here seems to WOD at mid-day which doesn't work for me. I end up running or biking around 5 AM and then doing a WOD adjusted to my home equipment after feeding the kids breakfast. Life is good, but working with people is more fun. I have a nice retaining wall with various heights for box jumping and high enough ceilings in the garage to do most other things. The weather is conducive to doing most WOD's outdoors. I hope to link up with the affiliate on the air station at some point (I do there WOD's), but there are private for profit affiliates around as well.