Aug 1, 2011

080211 TUESDAY

Open Gym

If you are in your first week of CrossFit there will be a skills clinic at 0540 for today's WOD. The purpose of this is to understand the workout and revise the mechanics of the movements. Link up with James (wearing red Chuck Taylor’s) at the whiteboards in the bubble. The clinic will take around 10 – 15minutes and then we can start the workout.

Front Squat


0530 Class

MMD #1

MMD #2 6x 60:120 (hard : recover)


Brian said...

When I participated in IMCF's 1st level I cert, people kept telling me what a great cast of trainers HQ sent to Leavenworth. Watching the Games this weekend, I got to see how true that was. 2 of our trainers were comentators, and the other three were competitors. It really was awesome to watch.

Dave Hudson said...

Quite true...of the three instructors for our CPC this last spring, 1 was a competitor (Speal), one was a commentator/demonstrator (Miranda), and the other was the Head Judge (Boz). (Though to be fair, almost all of the HQ trainers are involved in the Games in some fashion - competing, judging, or otherwise.)

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Following 4 mile "warm-up"
135, 145, 155, 165, 175

Should've gone heavier, but legs felt sluggish after hills.

james said...

I have missed a few rest days so took some of my own "intensity trumps volume medicine" and did mobility stuff

Rich said...

worked up to 175 across. Thanks for checking form Greg.

Mike said...

135 - 165 - 185 - 195 - 215

My shoulder and wrist flexibilty are getting better, but still have a long ways to go.

Ed said...


Felt pretty good this morning - and another good crowd in the bubble.

D Beasley said...

155 165 165 165 165

appreciate the form check Ed

Greg M said...

I listened to James and took a rest day as well. I worked on some Muscle up progressions and some hand stands.

Noah said...

155-165-170-170(fail on #4)-165.

My rest day was yesterday, definitely needed it after the Warrior Crash, I mean Dash, on Sunday.

Kicked my handstand goat around for awhile afterwards just to let it know I'm no longer frightened by it. 150 foot handstand walk here I come!

Kay said...

115 across the board. Back is sore from yesterday's DL.

Scott said...


Should have started with 135 for the sets then gone up from there. Form was good thought. Finnally getting deep squat.

Brian S said...


Form felt decent throughout. Should be able to push higher on the next go round.

Alex E. said...


First time with front squats under load. Thanks to Dan and Brian for the assistance.

Dan said...


Mac said...


Full progression with tall box (approx 20 inches), then full progression with same box minus three inches.

I know I've got some weakness at the bottom of my squat, so worked all weight as box squats. Tough to cheat on depth when you go to the level of the box and pause briefly before standing.

Air Force Steve said...

For the fellas that took a knee today - wise choice. But on a weightlifting day? Suspicious.

"Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general." - Mark Rippetoe

Don't be weak!

Ray said...

IMCF in Japan:

2 days behind on my WODs- did Tuesday's on Wednesday.


Focused on form and deep squats; thighs below 90 degrees.