Jul 23, 2011

Welcome To Iron Major CrossFit

For the last several weeks, Iron Major CrossFit has welcomed some new and energetic athletes.  Better yet, we have opened the doors to new athletes trying to find their way to their personal fitness goals.  To all of you; Welcome!! 

One of our IMCF "veteran" athletes (if you can use that term around here since most people move after a year!) found an article that is very applicable to ALL of us, not just those who have recently started CrossFit.  To many, CrossFit is a "means to the end" of overall, comprehensive fitness.  To others (including Iron Major athletes) CrossFit is a sport; a way of competing with other athletes to push themselves to new heights.  Regardless of why you elect to do CrossFit, consider this advice from one of the most famous CrossFit athletes, coaches and affiliate owners, Chris Spealler: 

Chris Spealler

If you could give someone just getting into the sport a piece of advice, what would it be?
Be patient. Your fitness level is something that is going to generally take a long time to get to where you think you want it. And when you are there, you will want it higher. 
Don’t define yourself by your numbers and your times. Define yourself by who you are and what you are about. CrossFit is something that you do, it is not who you are. That can help keep things in good perspective.
Finally, find your weaknesses, make friends with them, then beat them to death.

ALL OF US HAVE WEAKNESSES- we call them "Goats":  whether we have been doing CrossFit for years, or days.  Pick a couple and work on them.  Remember, form and mechanics are the most important elements when you start out.  Get good at the basics, and then Slay your Goats!!

Everyone- post a couple of goats and lets hold each other accountable for killing a few goats.


Rich said...

My top three Goats:
Muscle Ups- doing more than one in succession. I've done as many as 3; I need more.
Hand Stand Push-ups: Full range of motion.
Snatches- I am mentally blocked from full squat depth and getting under the bar!

Tanker Steve said...

My top three are:
- Double unders. I can do three now, but thats when I am luckey.
- Deadlifts: I have had a mental block since I pulled my lower back during a WOD this year.
- SDHP: see deadlifts response.

Also..add hand stands and I am sure there are more if I sit down and really think about.

Greg M said...


Hip Flexion - I continue to work this daily
Muscle Ups...still do not have one
Double Unders...still working on getting more than 5-6 at a time

This week I am tackling Double Unders and Muscle UPs, lets see if I cannot befriend these goats and beat the crap out of them.

I did beat Rich in FGB yesterday....so, at least I have that going for me.

Hoys said...

Fellas...greetings from Joint Base Balad. Happy to report having some great CrossFit fusion as the XO of 326 EN. We had a couple different groups doing their own thing, now we all together programming wise and gaining momentum. Looking to affiliate in the near future. Facilities are great as we share with the Air Force's Spitfire CF.

Anywho, goats are a plenty but my hated: Double Unders.
BUT: happy to report a near slaying yesterday as I was getting 20 in a row after some coaching from CPT Jon Parnell. He's one of Neal's prodigies from USMA. Of course I have to give a shout out and thanks to Dr. DU, Rich.

Greg, looking forward to hearing of the great slaying of your muscle up goat!

Miss the crew...but happy to report that the positive influence of IMCF continues to grow! Jim

james said...

Jim - thanks for the update - sounds like a cosy part of the world for cfers. Goats...I have a few ...under the broad heading of jumping I include box jumps and double unders, my running performance falls off chronically after about the first round and I have a terrible if not outright dangerous push jerk.

Dave Hudson said...

After4 an awesome Oly Clinic today, I can safely say that the snatch is now at least not one of my top 3 goats. (Still a goat though.)

Top 3, in order:
Muscle ups (Still have yet to get one)
Pistols (particularly left leg)

Recent shoulder issues have kept me from working on the first two. Will see if I can start hitting them back up again.

(A fourth would be a) METCONs of longer than 10 minutes (getting better) and really anything requiring upperbody stregth/stamina.)

Rich said...

Today's clinic was awesome! It was eye-opening to work with Anna and Whitney. Happy to say that I was getting under the bar. I think all in all, my form was much better...now it's all speed!! I have to get faster. But depth was good, stabilty was good....and I now have to get some Dave and Steve shoes.

Jim- great to hear from you!! Thanks for the shout, but for my one thing of DUs, I have had to learn from you and many many others for many many other things....congrats on the new box!

I'm ignoring the little red-headed man in the corner.

Kay said...

Jim - Sounds great about your experience there! Stay safe and keep up the great work!

Today's Oly lift clinic was totally awesome; as Rett would say, it was metAL! Thank you Dave for arranging it. Anna and Whitney were top notch (as they really are a couple of the best coaches in the nation! Wow!!!) and were so helpful. I have to make sure I remember the warm-up drills.

My goats - there are so many; here are my top 3 that I'm going to slay first: double unders (almost there - if I am lucky, I can get up to 30 or 35 in a row, but I honestly don't know how that happens!), muscle ups (I have a goal to do the "Nasty Girls" WOD as rx'd before I leave IMCF; that video with Annie Sakamoto is so inspiring), and handstand push-ups. There are more, but I'll stick with those 3 for now.

Rich said...

OK- in the interest of helping slay a few goats (khabob anyone?) I'm going to go in tomorrow and warm up before the wod- around 0515. I'll help anyone there with DUs as part of the warm up.

kyle hogan said...

(1) Anything METCON greater than 5 min, running, box jumps, burpees, etc....
(2) Proper air squat. I can "fake it" pretty well, but my lack of mechanical perfection truly becomes evident when I attempt anything over head.

Goats I have put a “hurt on”;

(1) MU…I can link 5, but my goal is 10 (see CF trophy page)
(2) DU, I can link 5-10 depending on the day but it is a long way from subbing 3-1.

Rich said...

Kyle- what have you been doing specifically to build up MUs?

Mac said...

More goats than I like to admit...funny thing about exercises typically associated with CF-the more experienced you get, the more goats you discover you have. Anyway, three top ones:
Muscle ups
Good, deep, squats

monroe said...

After six years of this stuff I can do anything competently. However, I do not practice rope climbs or thrusters enough to be good (FAST) at them. Also, I do not practice endurance sessions often, focusing more on strength and particularly power for the oly lifts. So I guess you could say my goat is not a movement, but a mindset, namely endurance, or stamina if you like, which is one of the ten physical skills, but now I'm rambling. Did I mention senility, old age? Is that a goat? Baaa.

Ray said...

I run a goat farm here in Japan:

Here's a list of the formidable goats I face:

Muscle ups (can't do)
OHS-- still a challenge to do with any weight on
Hand stand pushups (can't do)
Double Unders
Pistols (big goat)

This is a great topic.